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Welkom op ZydecoZityRadio, we zenden als onderdeel van de lokale omroep de SLOG elke zondag twee uurtjes live uit van de studio in de gemeente Geertruidenberg

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Waar en hoe kunt u Zydeco Zity Radio beluisteren/bekijken

Radio via de ether 105.1mhz  (bv in de auto, draagbare radio, klokradio)
Via internet, dit kan via onze website, via Tunein (zowel web als via de app)

Radio analoog                     92.9mhz in de gemeente Geertruidenberg
Radio digitaal   kanaal        918
TV analoog                          663,250 mhz (kanaal 45)
TV digitaal  kanaal              43

Radio digitaal
TV digitaal

KPN, XS4ALL, Telfort (witte afstandsbediening)
TV          320
Radio    780

Telfort en Edutel, Lijbrandt Telecom,, Stipte, Solcon (zwarte afstandsbediening )
TV          2156
Radio    3166

Cajun Fais Dodo - The Cajun & Zydeco Show

On air: Thursdays 8-10pm

UK. Hermitage FM

Zondag 5 uur

luister live
Luister Live

Listen to ZydecoZity Radio
@ Sunday 5.00 PM
(Amsterdam Time)

England: 4.00 PM
New York: 11.00 AM
Chicago: 10.00 AM
Los Angeles: 8.00 AM
Louisiana: 10.00 AM CDT

Check out twitter for updates

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Is Zydecosis Really Being Played On The Radio In Holland. The station is 105.1 SLOG (isn't that some cool call letters) in Raamsdonksveer, Holland. Thanks to Piet and Henk for hooking us up!! If you're interested in hearing some great European Zydeco, check out their website
Hi Henk,....
It looks like u guys from zydeco zity radio are real Europeen Zydeco Radio pioneers with your regular show, and the chosen songs are great! thx H .... Germany

If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing.
- Zimbabwe Proverb

I love zydeco zity radio

It's Zity with a capital Z from Zydeco. Zydeco Zity Radio is part of a local radio station (SLOG) and broadcast 2 hours of Cajun and Zydeco music every Sunday starting at 5 pm. (Amsterdam time).

The program is available as Internet stream sins September 2008 live on the Internet and with a replay function. Zydeco Zity Radio is the only weekly radio program with Cajun and Zydeco music in Europe.

We play a lot of music from European bands so it is interesting for people all over the world to get to know what is going on in the European Cajun & Zydeco scene. We also noticed the interest of bands from all over the world and specially Louisiana to have their songs played at our program.

Zydeco Zity Radio is located in Geertruidenberg / Raamsdonksveer were the yearly International Cajun and Zydeco Festival will be organized. The first or second weekend of May our town is renamed Zydeco Zity with a great festival now running it's 23 th edition (2015).

Lil Jim 2013