20th of March 2016 the release date: "Down The Line" River Zydeco Band

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River Zydeco Band is raising the bar:
Euro Zydeco is the way to go on their brand new CD.

Almost 25 years "Down the line" as a band [2017] and the River Zydeco Band is on a mission. They want to play for new audiences, explore new grounds, looking for opportunities to grow the zydeco niche market. That's in short the idea behind the new project on which they've been working so hard for two years. For the fans it took a long time, hearing some songs now and then, but never could get a taste of it all. RZB was still working on the finishing touch, again, again and again.

Just like most European Cajun and Zydeco Bands, a lot of the repertoire is made up by the classical music from Louisiana. Great music but ? Cajun and Zydeco is still a niche in Europe and after 24 years they have seen it all. Most bands write some of their own songs, but a whole album is rare. Silvox records didn't think of releasing a zydeco record, but hearing the 12 brand new songs of River Zydeco, the deal was closed. With those songs they could be programmed on any festival, roots, blues, jazz or between pop bands. They saw an opportunity, promoting the zydeco music to a broader audience.

Jo van Strien

That's why they have been working so hard on this project, 12 original songs written by singer guitar player Edwin Balogh, in collaboration with Cees Emmen (rubboard) who wrote the French Lyrics on "Catherine Le Bleu". Lyrics with a message and emotion. Accordion player Jo van Strien; "We have listened, with a wink, to our friends in Louisiana. It's time we put our own stamp on the music, Euro Zydeco". Three songs were recorded with a brass section, which makes it goes in the direction of Buckwheat Zydeco.

Although we've been in the digital age of downloading songs, the album "Down the line", has been made with passion and love for the music. That's the only conclusion when you open the booklet inside the CD. All lyrics and beautiful pictures of the band members together as a small peace of art, a must-have.

? Henk Mutsaers

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