Beau Jocque & the Hi Rollers
Beau Jocque was born Andrus Espree. He was also known to write poetry, and preach about respecting of nature. He spent nine years in the Air Force, then came home to work as an electrician and welder. After a work-related accident, which left him bedridden for a time, he began playing accordion. Soon after, he put a band together, including his wife, Shelly on rubboard. By 1989, just two years after his accident, Espree was one of the biggest draws on the Louisiana zydeco circuit.

A large man (6'6" and 270 pounds) he took the stage name "Beau Jocque," which is Louisiana Creole for "Big Guy." After only a few years, he had revolutionized the zydeco scene, adding funk and rock elements with his band, the Hi-Rollers. His lifestyle caught up with him, however, and after only a few years of regional stardom he died of a heart attack in 1999.

BeauSoleil & Michael Doucet
Having played together for more than 30 years, BeauSoleil (Beautiful Sun) has probably done more to introduce the world to the sweet sounds of Cajun music than any other group of Accadian performers. BeauSoleil has appeared on soundtracks to films The Big Easy, Passion Fish and Belizaire the Cajun. The group plays regularly at jazz and folk festivals around the country and around the world and has appeared on television shows ranging from CNN's Showbiz Today, Austin City Limits and Late Night with Conan O'Brien to Emeril Live. They appear regularly on Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion radio show. The group has been nominated for a Grammy award 11 times. In 1997, they won a Grammy award for their album L'Amour Ou La Folie (Love Or Folly) Beau Soleil avec Michale Doucet

Buckwheat Zydeco
If you've seen a Buckwheat show, you know what to expect: rocking, stomping, good time Creole party music. If you haven't seen Buckwheat Zydeco live, you're missing one of the music world's most exciting and fun performers. Don't just take our word for it, read what dozens of critics have said.
Website: Buckwheat Zydeco

Chris Ardoin
Chris is a phenomenal young man. He’s is a great entertainer. You really get to know him through his music. After making special guest appearances for a few years with his fathers band, Chris and brother Sean formed their own band, Chris Ardoin and Double Clutchin', with Lawrence's help. The band quickly gained a huge fan base with their infectious, energetic music which led to landing a deal with Rounder Records. In 1995, Rounder Records producer Scott Billington saw the band perform at the Plaisance Zydeco Festival and started discussing business immediately. Chris recorded three records with Rounder in the span of five years. In 1996, the band released "Gon Be Jus' Fine" and in 1998 released "Turn The Page" which was voted OFFBEAT MAGAZINE ALBUM OF THE YEAR. But in 1999, a long overdue talk on plans for what direction the band would be going in between Chris, Sean, and father Lawrence led to a breakup.
Website Chris Ardoin

- Chris Ardoin speelde op het festival in Raamsdonksveer (ZydecoZity) in 2003

Chris Ardoin en double clutchin'
Chris Ardoin is een lid van een beroemde Creoolse muziekdynastie: de kleinzoon van Bois Sec Ardoin, een legendarische accordeonist wiens neef, Amédé Ardoin, een centraal figuur was in de ontwikkeling van zowel de Creoolse als de Cajun muziek, en de zoon van Lawrence "Black" Ardoin, die nog steeds muziek maakt in de oude Creoolse stijl, op diverse festivals en dat met zijn band Tradition Creole.

Chris Ardoin heeft het grootste deel van zijn leven gemusiceert. Volgens Michael Tisserand, was Chris pas 4 jaar oud toen hij voor het eerst accordeon speelde voor publiek en dit op een gumbo kookfeest in Texas, voor ongeveer 3000 mensen. Een paar jaar later, in 1990, traden Chris en zijn broer Sean op in Carnegie Hall, met hun grootvader, vader en ooms. Toen Chris echter een teenager was geworden, vertelde hij zijn vader, dat hij een nieuwe richting in wilde slaan en dit weg van de traditionele Creoolse muziek, waarmee hij was opgegroeid.

Zijn vader besloot om zijn zoon te onder-steunen bij het creëren van zijn eigen muzikale stijl. In samenwerking met Sean ontwikkelde Chris zijn eigen, door de bas en drumkicks voortgedreven "double clutching" geluid van de nieuwe zydeco-muziek. Behalve met het bespelen van de drums was Sean ook bezig met liedjes schrijven en zingen. De 1e CD van de band "That da Lick" werd in 1994 reproduceerd door Maison de Soul, gevolgd door een ander album in 1995, "Lick it up". Rounder Records produceerde in 1997 "Gon' be jus' fine", "Turn the Page" in 1998 en "Best kept secret" in de zomer van 2000. Dit laatste album was het 1e CD zonder Sean Ardoin, die in 1999 zijn eigen band formeerde.

Nog steeds is Chris Ardoin and Double Clutchin', met zijn vader als manager, één van de meest populaire zydecobands in Zuidwest Lousiana. Op "Best kept secret" toont Chris Ardoin zijn grote compositorische mogelijkheden, zijn vocaal vakmanschap, en zijn meesterschap op de diatonische en 3-rijen-accordeon. Op vorige albums stonden traditionele liedjes (zoals Sena Ardoins gedenk-waardige uitvoering van "Les Barres de la Prison" en "Turn the Page"), maar, ofschoon "Best kept secret" oudere liedjes bevat, zoals John Delafoses "I don't want nobody here but you", zijn de liedjes op deze CD allemaal in het Engels. Chris Ardoin en double clutchin

Clifton Chenier
(June 26, 1925 - December 12, 1987) a native of Opelousas, Louisiana was an eminent performer of zydeco music, a blend of Cajun and Creole music with R&B, jazz, and blues influences. He played the accordion.

AVRO's Top Pop Bert van der Veer: Clifton Chenier, jawel, de cajunaccordeonist, met Keep a knocking but you can’t come in, dat het niet verder dan de tipparade bracht. (1977) Soms ontging het je dat je een legende op bezoek had.
More info at Wikipedia about Clifton Chenier

Jude "Curley" Taylor, Jr
A Country Boy With City Thoughts
by Chasya Thierry (California)"Country Boy," a new album released August 2003, has hit the Zydeco Nation. This CD snuck up, plagued radio stations and, now all other Zydeco musicians should be expecting trouble ZYDECO TROUBLE!!!Jude "Curley" Taylor, Jr., drummer of Geno Delafose's French Rockin' Boogie and also the son of great accordionist, Jude Taylor, has been working a long time towards spawning his dream of creating agitation in the world of Zydeco. And now, with the help of Errol Taylor (brother), Erick Minix, Keith Clement, Matt Sonnier, Wayne "D.C." Dalcourt, Steve Diamant and many other musicians featured on the album and support from family and friends, his troubled dream has become an actuality.The 13-track CD has, as mentioned previously, already infected the airwaves and has had an amazing amount of feedbackpositive feedback, of course. All "Country Boy" tracks maintain an individual uniquity and are equally unsurpassable, but I did have only 5 tracks to choose for this review.

They are, in no specific order:
1. Country Boy
2. She's A Liar
3. Hard Times
4. Foolin' Around
5. Another Saturday Night

The one characteristic that sums Zydeco Trouble into one word would have to be uniqueness. There are few artists in Zydeco that play piano accordion, a reason could be that most upcoming artists are too infatuated with attempting to follow the "trend" rather that exhibiting individuality as an artist. The key thing that sets one apart from another is individuality. Without that, how does one get recognized? Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble obviously have caught on to that idea and exemplify it through their music.Keep up the good work, you don't just have the confidence, but also show and play with the confidence that it takes to go far. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm about to seek shelter, y'all watch out, trouble's on the way!!!
-- Chasya Thierry Curly Taylor

Des Fais Do-Do (NL)
.... is a folk music oriented band mainly based in the eastern part of the Netherlands. There are six people involved, most of them having a broad experience in bands since the beginning of the 1970's. Des Fais Do-Do started 1991 as a band playing regularly in bars and at parties, just for fun. Nowadays, the band is widely known in the Cajunscene
which is illustrated by the constant stream of performances we give all over the world In March 1997 the band released their first CD "Mardi Blue Grass" and made a tour through Louisiana, meeting and playing with musicians like Eddie leJeune, Marc Savoy, D.L. Menard,
Horace Trahan, Leo Abshire, Bobby Michot a.m.o. Des Fais Do Do

Dr Zog USA
Born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas a musically cultural town on the border of Louisiana and Texas and a hotbed of good times zydeco music. Zog took his swampadelic style of music to Austin, Tx. in 1989 and began performing at the roadhouses and festivals of Central Texas. He has a deep fried understanding of roots music and plays ardently in an attempt to funkify the good folks with fun, upbeat music with a positive message. Put on your alligator shoes and crawfish shuffle to our funky zydeco grooves.

Geno Delafose & the French Rockin' Boogie
Son of zydeco musician John Delafose, Geno's a creole cowboy accordion player and with his band French Rockin' Boogie he has established a worldwide reputation as one of the better known zydeco groups playing today. Based out of Whiskey River Landing near Eunice Louisiana they maintain the traditions of the Creoles and can keep a crowd on it's feet whipping up a dizzying array of waltzes, two-steps, jurés, jigs and revamped versions of country and old soul music hits.

- Geno speelde op het festival in Raamsdonksveer (ZydecoZity) in 1997

Hackberry Ramblers
Luderin Darbone was born in Evangeline in 1913 but spent much of his childhood in East Texas. He learned to play the violin from a correspondence course ordered for him by his mother. As a teenager, Darbone began attending house parties where he picked up tunes from musicians whom he describes in an interview with Ann Savoy as "hillbilly fiddlers." Darbone met Edwin Duhon, who played Cajun music on the accordion, when his family moved to Hackberry, a small town south of Sulphur and Lake Charles. Together they formed the Hackberry Ramblers in 1933, playing dances but also performing on radio broadcasts. Darbone ordered an amplifier for the band, an innovation that other bands in the region soon copied. To play at country dances, Darbone would hook the amplifier to a generator powered by his 1931 Ford. The amplification was especially helpful in carrying the sounds of the fiddle, enhancing the appeal of the band's blend of Cajun and western swing music which included songs in both French and English.

The band's 1936 recording of "Jolie Blonde" became a hit (the first recording of the song under that title), followed by other hit recordings of songs like "Une Piastre Ici, une Piastre Là-bas" and "Wondering." The band made English recordings under the name the Riverside Ramblers (the band's sponsor on a Lafayette radio station was Montgomery Ward. which marketed tires under the Riverside brand).During the succeeding decades, the Hackberry Ramblers generally remained active, including a 10-year gig starting in 1946 playing every Saturday night at the Silver Star Club near Lake Charles.

The band reached a low point in the early 1960s, but then Chris Strachwitz of Arhoolie Records produced a new recording and re-released some old classic recordings the band made for the RCA Bluebird label. Since then the Hackberry Ramblers have gone on to perform at major festivals across the country and to receive recognition in a variety of national media. They released "Cajun Boogie" in 1992, and their 1997 release, "Deep Water," received a Grammy nomination in the traditional folk category. On Dec. 4, 1999, the Hackberry Ramblers made their debut performance at the Grand Ole Opry. During the trip to Nashville, Darbone donated a fiddle he played on the recording of "Jolie Blonde" to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

The group continues to perform, playing Cajun, country, rockabilly, and honky tonk music with a zest that remains undiminished after 66 years on stage.An extensive discography of the Hackberry Ramblers' earlier recordings is included in Ann Savoy's Cajun Music: A Reflection of a People. "Jolie Blonde," a 1993 release, includes the 1963 recordings, plus some live recordings from 1965. Hackberry Ramblers

L’Angelus Cajun Band
L'Angelus (pronounced lawn-jay-loose, according to the band) is named after a Cajun prayer, which fits well with the Cajun music they love to sing. This incredibly talented family of musicians has been wow’ing folks for several years. The band says they started playing music when their dad was transferred to North Dakota and they couldn’t ever go outside because they were used to the hot Louisiana weather.  I first heard them about 10 years ago in Lafayette when they were barely hitting puberty and they were phenomenal! Now in their early-to-mid twenties they’ve been regulars at music festivals around the country. L'Angelus plays an engaging blend of Cajun fiddle tunes, zydeco, swamp pop and good old New Orleans rhythm and blues. L’Angelus Cajun Band

Lisa Haley & the Zydecats
Bringing progressive Louisiana music to a worldwide audience reaches far beyond a career playing solely traditional genre. The protégé of legendary Cajun accordionist Joe Simien of Lawtelle, Louisiana, Lisa has recorded and/or toured with Sir George Martin (Beatles producer), multi-Grammy winner/producer KebMo', Grammy-winning artists Queen Ida, Al Rapone, Rockin' Sydney ("Don't Mess with My Toot-toot",) Randy Newman, Lyle Lovett, Taj Mahal, John Hiatt, Brian Setzer, Dave Koz, and a host of others.

Website Lisa Haley Blue Fiddle
"In life it's not the number of breaths you take, It's the number of moments that take your breath away."

- Lisa speelde op het ZydecoZity Festival in 1999 ~ 2002 & 2005.

Rockin’ Sidney Simien (9 April 1938–25 February 1998)
.... was an American R&B, Zydeco, and soul musician who began recording in the late 1950s and continued performing until his death.
Wikipedia: Rockin Sidney

Sean Vidrine & Swampfyre
Noem hem jong, noem hem knap, noem hem getalenteerd, noem hem de "Cajun-hartendief".Sean Vidrine is een levenslustige, 20 jarige artiest uit Lake Charles, Louisiana, die duidelijk in staat is om een leidende rol te gaan spelen in de rangen van de in opkomst zijnde jonge Cajun artiesten.

Gezegend met de mogelijkheid om het uiterste uit de diatonische accordeon te halen, en in het bezit van een tenor met een imposant bereik, is Sean Vidrine klaar om de Cajun muziek naar nieuwe hoogtes te tillen en dit voor een veel jonger en ruimdenkend publiek.#Geboren en getogen in Westlake, Louisiana, volgt Sean Vidrine het nieuwe Cajun spoor sinds zijn 14e jaar en dit met het uitbrengen van zijn debuut-CD "Hotter than ever", opgenomen op het Nashville Star Records label. In 2000 bracht Sean Vidrine zijn 2e CD uit, nl. "Sean Vidrine and Swamp Fyre", op het J&S Records label. Geproduceerd door Jay Doucet en Stuart Fontenot in Ville Platte, Lousiana werd de CD "Sean Vidrine & Swamp Fyre" goed ontvangen door veel muziekcritici uit Lousiana. Nu zijn Sean Vidrine & Swamp Fyre terug in de Ville Platte-studio's teneinde voor J&S Records hun 3e album te maken.

Vol zelfvertrouwen hebben zij dit album gedoopt "King of the Bayou". Sean's mogelijkheden om in de studio aanstekelijke opwinding op te roepen, worden alleen overtroffen door zijn kunst om dit op het podium te doen. Sean Vidrine en Swamp Fyre trekken hun spoor door Lousiana, Texas en andere delen van Zuid-west Amerika en Europa, daarvan getuigen zijn optredens tijdens het Bury Cajun Festival in Engeland.

De bezielende stijl waarop de band de Cajun en Amerikaanse roots-muziek speelt, trekt een nieuw en jonger publiek naar het genre. Samen met de getalenteerde leden van Swamp Fyre, inclusief Adrian Boudreaux (keyboard), Scott Mallet (bas), Kyle Dugas (drums) en Pat Stebbins (guitaar) is Sean Vidrine klaar met zijn fans schreeuwend naast hem en zijn geluid echoënd door de bayous.Luister naar wat zij te zeggen hebben over Sean Vidrine: "Sean Vidrine is een getalenteerde zanger en accordeonspeler, ondersteund door kwalitietsmusici.

Na het luisteren naar zijn CD zult u onder de indruk zijn van de talenten van Sean Vidrine. Hij heeft vele muzikale kwaliteitsjaren voor zich, en wij kijken uit naar zijn volgende album". – Gary Dauphin, Wayne Toups de grondlegger is van het zydecajun-geluid, dan is Sean Vidrine in staat om deze muzikale stijl uit te bouwen naar een volgend hoger niveau.De getalenteerde Sean Vidrine plukt aan klassieke Cajun, Zydeco en Rock melodieën en maakt deze zich eigen. – Paule Pachter,

Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys
Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys are a Cajun band band from southern Louisiana. The band formed in 1988 and has since recorded 10 albums, nine of which are on Rounder Records.The bands members include: Steve Riley (accordion), David Greely (fiddle), Sam Broussard (guitar), Brazos Huval (fiddle/saxophone/bass) and Kevin Dugas (drums).An additional member, Jimmy Domengeaux played guitar with the band up until his death in 1999. Domengeaux was killed in a motorcycle accident in southwestern Louisiana.Although the band plays primarily Cajun music, other forms are blended into the music. The mood of the Bayou Ruler album (produced by C. C. Adcock and Tarka Cordell) is a bit edgier than its other albums. This emotional quality seems to reveal a level of comfort with the music that far surpassed the bands other albums.On their latest album Dominos they have two excellent medleys “Napoleon B. Fruge” and the “Ardoin Medley”. Their timing seems quite precise and allows the band to do interesting effects such as they do when they overlay parts on the fiddle on the song “Creole Stomp” on the Happy Town album.The addition of Sam Broussard on guitar five years ago added an extra dimension to their music. Steve has his own blend of precision and speed on the accordion which sets him apart from many Cajun accordion players. David Greely the fiddle player finds old songs and poems and brings them to life. The vocal harmonies the Mamou Playboys do allows them to bring a new audience to traditional songs. Cajun music and Cajun dancing go hand and hand. They play a mixture of song types that are good for doing different kinds of dances. Some of the dances that suit their songs are waltz, cajun jig, swing, slow dance, two steps, and zydeco. Their albums cannot reveal the liveliness of their shows since the feedback from the audience and dancers affects the tone of the show.
Website: Mamou Playboys and Steve Riley

T. Broussard and the Zydeco Steppers
Bryant Keith "T"  Broussard's musical heritage, like that of many Louisiana  musicians, goes back several generations. His mother, Mary Jane Ardoin, was one of the few female musicians to have mastered the Creole accordion in the male-dominated world of Zydeco. Her uncles were the legendary Boi Sec and Amede Ardoin.  Growing up with such strong musical influences rubbed of on Bryant. At the age of 21, he formed his own band. He performed from coast to coast including the Beale Street Festival, the Sparks, Nevada July 4th Festival, the Alabama Blues Festival, the Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Festival, Zydeco Extravaganza in Opelousas, The Cajun Hot Sauce Festival in New Iberia, The MudBug Festival in Shreveport, and numerous casino performances in Lake Charles, Kinder, Vinton, Marksville, and New Orleans.  He and the band have released several CD’s and some of his musical recordings can be heard on the Discovery Channel. T. Broussard and the Zydeco Steppers