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The EURO crisis, solving Debt with ... more Debt

The way governments are trying to solve the Euro and Dollar crisis is: Drinking there selfs sober! As long as they don't come up with another solution you can bet, they follow the plan, outed in the book: Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Discover how our monetary system works.

Shooting the messenger will not solve debt crisis.
In December alone, Moody's downgraded France's three biggest banks, warned that euro zone countries were facing possible downgrades and cautioned the UK regarding its AAA rating. Standard and Poor's and Fitch have been equally downbeat, with the latter warning that six euro zone countries – including Ireland – faced downgrades as a "comprehensive solution" to the debt crisis was now "beyond reach". (Irish Times)

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From Globalization to Localization: The road to freedom does exist!

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