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By: Henri Dias

I agree completely that mankind causes their own diseases. In early days when men were pure of thoughts, mankind relies on their own immune system to recover from all diseases. Their thoughts were clean and honorable and stress was never heard of. When mankind evolves, their ego take over more and more and humankind changed in attitude and consciousness. The immune system is sufficiently strong enough to resist and fight of inside (thoughts) and outside attacks (ea. normal problem situations and daily life), when the body is in balance and in peace.

Everything is energy.
When you agree with that, it is also logical to assume that thoughts are energy too. When you have positive thoughts, the human body flourishes. When you have negative thoughts, then these thoughts have a negative influence on the body. Because the positive and negative energy surrounds our body (aura), it is logical to understand that if your energy field have more negative energy, it will have influence on the body.it can hurt or damage certain parts of the body.the sickness can differ from small diseases (ea. a cold) to severe diseases (stroke/cancer). It can also be a sickness in the psyche, which can become severe (suicide).

When you think logically, it all is easy to understand. Humankind has to change his attitude. Humankind has to change his consciousness. Humankind has to take care of their biggest enemy. THE EGO.!

Think about it. Mankind is stressed, men and women. You almost cannot deny that humankind invoke cancer because of their lifestyle and attitude. Too much negative thoughts, too much anger, too much complain, too much criticize, too much self-interest, they judge too much. TOO MUCH.!

In other words, you yourself, as an individual, are completely responsible for your own deeds. More and more mankind comes to the realization that something has to change.

That something is still called the old-fashioned 'LOVE'.

To come to an understanding that worldly affairs are not that important. What is important is the issue of brotherly love and respect for one another. More understanding and more tolerance. Treat another like you want to be treated yourself!

And the most important thing: "Start with yourself"! If you give a good example, people will notice it and follow that attitude.

For mankind the coming years will be of much importance concerning change of attitude and consciousness. Mankind will be more interested in the spiritual way of approaching worldly matters and each other. Mankind will get tired of doing things the way they are doing now. Their SOUL wants peace of mind, calmness. It needs Love!

My Peace and Love to you all, I am one of the examples!


"The power system continues only as long as individuals try to get something for nothing. The day when a majority of individuals declares or acts as if it wants nothing from the government, declares that it will look after its own welfare and interests, then on that day the power elites are doomed." -- Anthony Sutton

Wel of niet stemmen?
Dat is de vraag die mij ook bezig houdt tijdens het steeds weer terugkerende ‘democratische’ circus. Soms wordt ik weer verleid door een partij die goede intenties heeft maar toch geen vuist kunnen maken en voel ik mij weer een mak schaap dat keurig in het gareel heeft gelopen. (Op weg naar het onvermijdelijke slachthuis) Deze spreuk vond ik zeer motiverend: Het machtssysteem gaat alleen maar door omdat mensen op individueel gebied iets van overheid voor niets willen ontvangen. Op de dag dat de meerderheid verklaard of optreed en niets wil ontvangen van de overheid en hiermee verklaard dat het zal zorgdragen voor de eigen welzijn en belang dan, en slechts dan zijn de dagen van machtsmisbruik gedoemd te verdwijnen. - HM

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