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Freedom: Whitch road are you gone take, ... from today forward?

How much freedom do we really have in our so-called democracy?

Most people I speak tell me, or have the impression, that they are well informed about the things they do. At the moment there is a huge gap between those who are well informed and people who are living their lives on autopilot. They read the newspaper, listen to the news on radio and TV and think they are well informed, …think they are!

Well informed people
From all those ‘well informed people’ there are a lot of them who lost money on dubious products offered by their well-trusted bank. The majority of the ‘well informed people’ end up with cancer, diabetes, a heart attack, obesity, or some other ‘decease’, ….. simply by putting the wrong fuel in their body for years and years. Then most of the ‘well informed people’ end up with a doctor whose best option it is to offer tem a so called medicine witch will starts a chemical war inside the body in stead of a natural healing process based on cooperation with proper nutrition herbs and solving there mental problems. If people were well informed then at least fifty percent of the doctors would be out of a job within a year (period)!

On the other hand there is the food industry, offering you aspartame, MSG and more then 400 other additives ‘they’ insure you are safe. We have seen the rice of the GMO foods & Nano technology witch are their latest inventions to offer you a ‘safe’ product (?) And we’ve seen the Codex Alimentarius come in to play witch limits my freedom of speech telling you about the healing powers of natural foods, herbs and supplements. Yes the solution to all this sickness in the world is simple by making smart choices with unprocessed foods and pesticides free fruits and vegetables grown locally from a trusted source.

The ‘well informed people’ have been scared by the Mexican flu and took a vaccine that have never ever been proved effective and safe. While the others trusted on a well balanced diet that had been doing the job for centuries.

Some of the ‘well informed people’ still think you come from Mars when you tell them that 9/11 was an inside job, blowing the Twin Towers to create fear. Fear that give them the power to start another war, the war against terror and taken away a lot of our freedom and privacy. And they don’t know yet, or don’t want to know about HAARP witch can trigger an earthquake on demand. They haven’t seen Chemtrails in the sky, polluting human life on the planet. And now there’s the BP ‘disaster’, the biggest attack on nature ever by humans. Whit a total control over the media worldwide while BP uses chemicals to fight oil instead of proven safe microorganisms. Were the government refuses the help of foreign nations offered to them and the locals are not giving a warning that the environment they life in and the air they breathe is very unsafe.

But wait; don’t click away, ‘cause there’s a solution.

In my daily conversations I talk a lot about the things that worries me. (Beside the lovely tings I do every day). I did asked someone what we had discussed before about what was going on in the world today and asked him what he thought about it? He answered; “I have thought about it but I have decided to life my live as nice as possible”

This answer tells me that the person has giving it a thought and thinks that it hopefully won’t effect his live that much. Could it also be a lack of responsibility?

I had to think about what happened many years ago, walking home after a night out. There was a big hole in the road for some repair work and the white / red safety fence had been taken away by some joker. I put it back in place, that’s my responsibility. Someone could have been easily heart or even killed and ‘I’ could have prevented that. Be responsible.

Over the past years I learned a lot on the Internet, the alternative media! And I see holes in our food chain and warn people about it. For example, the aspartame sweeteners, I ask people if they know about the dangers of aspartame? Some people tell me; “If that was truth, why can they still sell this?” Actually a good question!

A lot of things are about trusting each other. And all the companies that use aspartame and other harmful ingredients in food to boost their profits can’t be trusted anymore. The government that approved these ingredients can’t be trusted anymore. The media that didn’t give a warning about the dangers can’t be trusted anymore. And the same goes for the banks that created the economic crisis.

The question will arise:
Do ‘You’ want to live in a world full of distrust?

be aware
Back in 1988 I was in Most in former Tsjecho-Slowakije with the European road race championship. I met a race fan from the DDR and we went out for dinner. During my open conversation I asked him more and more questions how it was living behind the ‘Iron Curtin’. I noticed he looked carefully around before answering me. Because he didn’t have the opportunity to travel freely he’d asked me to send him the programs and magazines from the other races in Europe. He also told me to write a personal letter with the shipment, asking for a reply and a listing of the send magazines otherwise they might ‘withhold’ something from the shipment for their own interest. All shipments were checked by the authorities.

Nowadays the Internet providers have to save all our eMail for a year, we are being watched by camera’s everywhere and a new law might give officials access to all our digital devises to check for illegal software, music and games. How far are we away from the German DDR Stasi?

Back to; “I have thought about it but I have decided to life my live as nice as possible” I know for sure that this person would have placed that safety fens back for the hole in the road just like I did. So that won’t be the problem. So it must be something else that made him give this answer, ….. ?

Don’t ‘You’ see a solution?

The first step is awareness, waking up! If you know what’s going on you can make other choices. Deciding to buy things that meet your standard, from companies who do honest trading. Voting with your wallet is the strongest vote you can give, not once in four years but have your vote counted for everyday.

I’m not going to Shell and BP for that reason. I don’t by any meat anymore knowing the animals have been fed with GMO foods. We, ‘You’ and ‘Me’ need to take our responsibility to recreate our world from downwards up. The more we stick to it and inform others the more ‘they’ are forced to change the way we want. Together we are stronger then they. It’s in your own interest!

You want to live in a better world don’t you?
In a world were you can thrust and count on someone. You want to buy food that will strengthen and feed your body instead of wrecking it? You want a saving account were your money is … safe instead of inflation destroying it. We all need to unite and be aware, make ourselves taken into account, make them accountable. It’s in our own interest.

Be responsible, can I count on … You?

About me: Over the past few years I educated myself and followed the news behind the news. The alternative media, who aren’t controlled (yet) and learned about many things that can’t stand the force of daylight. I truly belief that we have the power to turn things around the way we want, living in harmony on this planet. But before we can achieve this, .... everyone, .... YOU, .... have to be aware what is going on. Take a stand, in love and peace, but don’t accept they are taking away our life, our culture, our health and our freedom. - Henk Mutsaers

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