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hope comes in the dark
quot Albert Einstein
River Zydeco Band ft Henk Mutsaers
Music Edwin Balogh
Lyricks Henk Mutsaers / Edwin Balogh
Recorded Swamp Studio Raamsdonk

Why do I need to eat?

Why do I need to sleep?

Why do I need to wash my hands?

Why do I need to Protest?

Because your and my future are at stake
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09-02-2012 From today forward I will stop globally commercial advertise this song. Started August 4th 2011 we created 5.000+ downloads in 175 countries all over the world. Economics force me to quit the Google adword program. It's up to you if freedom means anything to you and you feel our song can contribute to global awareness. – Henk Mutsaers

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We need to make the world a better place! YOUR help is needed.

My name is Henk, and I've got an important message for you personally!

* I want to buy natural foods in the supermarket without the additives.

* I want to use natural medicines that support my body instead of fighting a ‘disease’.

* I want to live in a world with peace and harmony, where freedom, transparency and respect prevails

* I want to live in a world with respect for nature, clean air and no Haarp and Chemtrails.

* I want to live in a world where the media shines a light on the news from both sides.

* I want to live in a world with honest rewards and where money has value.

* I want to live in a world where government and democracy are one.

* I want to live in a world ........ (fill in yourself)

I want to do things about it.
That's were I need your help!

Before you come to a solution, you need to see the problem first.
Be informed so YOU can take the right decisions, ... take action!

Download my free protest song and inform all your friends, family, associates, and social networks.

hope_two What more can you do?

Contact the deejays at your local radio station. Ask them if they want to play the song. Ask them if they want to put it on the computers playlist. Even better, ask them if they want to make it the highlight for next week. I’m a deejay myself and I know that a lot of releases never make it to the 24/7 playlist. Your input can make the difference. Don’t expect that the major stations will play a protest song. But if the local stations will play it I’ll be more than happy about it. – Henk Mutsaers
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Shouting and Yelling expresses a lack of power
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Henk Mutsaers Hope comes in the dark


Let me introduce myself ….

My name is Henk Mutsaers living in the Southern part of the Netherlands.
I'm an ordinary person just like you. My awareness about what's going on in the world today started on the health front. I discovered that there are many cures the doctor and the media don't tell you about. That's why so many people don't have the time to look around in the world today because: "People might have a thousand things on their wish list. If their health is gone, they have only one!"

On the pad of discovery you start thinking; "What else is happening we don't know?"
From the global warming myth to Bilderberg, New World Order, Illuminati, Chemtrails, HAARP, GMO foods, 9/11, depopulation, vaccination campaigns, privacy (total control), worthless money, (Euro / Dollar crisis) and more …. ??

Many times I can do things about it simply by gaining knowledge! (And sharing it) For the bigger issues we need to unite, … internationally! Saying no, and start voting with our wallet, we need to start a peaceful revolution. At this very moment wars are going on because we elected these persons, we gave them the mandate. But what if we all stop voting next time, …. because we know democracy is a big lie at the moment.

For starters, start organizing your lives locally, as much as possible, local food production, local currency, exchange trading, ….

Please share this knowledge and after downloading my protest song, have a look at these three steps"

-- Henk Mutsaers

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." -- George Orwell

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Hpoe comes in the dark if you want to

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