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The ever-present fear, what will happen if we lose it?

Fear is the motor of most of our actions

Fear is the reason to be sensible:
- we take insurances, because that gives a sense of security
- we go to doctors because we think we need them to cure ourselves
- we watch our children as hawks because something might happen to them
- we put a lock on everything because somebody might take our stuff away
- we are afraid to lose people
- we are scared to death of death
- we are afraid to lose our jobs
- we are afraid of what other people might say about us
- etc.

It is fear that makes the world go round!

Why are we so afraid? Is there indeed a reason the be so afraid?
I do not think so, it just has become our conviction, our believe and we are stuck in it. But we can get rid of it, for fear is not necessary. When we know how our bodies function and how diseases come about, we will lose our fear of sickness. And when we understand our life's purpose, who we are and where we come from, we will lose our fear of everything else.

Change fear into confidence by understanding these two concepts.

The way our bodies works: The German Medicine
Everything in biology and life is about survival: survival of the body, survival of the species. That is what nature is all about. According to the German Medicine, every disease originates from a specific fear: the body associates certain emotions with life threatening situations and takes precautions to survive this situation. We then enter a kind of "survival mode", a stress phase. During this stress phase we have no symptoms: our body needs to survive, so it cannot be weak or sick.

When the problem is solved, the precautions are no longer necessary and the body will enter a healing phase. This is the phase in which we get sick: we need to rest to recuperate from the stressful period and our bodies force us to do this: we have pain, are tired, have a fever, get infections, etc. Sickness is in fact the healing phase of an imbalance, caused by an emotional shock.

Sickness is literally healing!

By suppressing symptoms when we get sick, we in fact suppress our healing. Our bodies want to heal, nature wants to heal. Trust your body, understand what is going on and let nature take its course. It is so much wiser than we are, it knows what to do and it is our strongest alley.

The German Medicine describes in detail the processes of sickness and health. The symptoms lead you to a general emotional topic, from which you can derive your own specific one. It tells you whether you are in the stress phase of in the healing phase and it gives you ideas and directions of what to do to help your body. Fear will do the opposite: it will interfere with the ongoing process and it will generate new ones. Diseases as such do not exist; they are just an uncomfortable phase within the total process. We need to undergo it with confidence.

There is nothing to be afraid of, we just need to understand…

The German Medicine is based upon 5 biological laws, of which the fifth is the essence of the biological functioning of the body: "Every so-called disease has to be understood as part of an evolutionary
Meaningful Special Biological Program of Nature". Trust yourself, trust your body, trust nature and let your fears go away.

Our life's purpose
We are divine spirits, giving life to a physical body. We have forgotten who we are: we are part of God; we are in essence Gods and Goddesses. Death is the only certainty in life, but it doesn't exist: we can never die. We can leave our physical bodies behind and they will decay, but our spirits move on. We inspire bodies and through them our souls can experience things it otherwise never can. We experience what it is to be separated: when we are born, we become separated in time and in space through our physical body. Time and space were created just for that purpose. But time and space are illusions, just as the separation we experience is an illusion. We cannot be separated from anything, because everything is connected. Every thought we have has a direct effect on the most distant star in the universe.

Don't be afraid of being alone, because you never are!

Once, a long time ago, we were curious about what it would be like to be separated, to be free and to be able to decide for ourselves. We chose the duality and at that moment we forgot who we were and where we came from. This was the beginning of our journey back home and to God. When we entered the duality, we were with a large group of souls, our soul family. We share this voyage with them and we will never lose each other. We will live lives together, love each other, fight each other and grow together in consciousness. The people you love and live with in this live, are part of your soul family, so never be afraid of losing them, because you cannot. Don't fear death, because it doesn't exist!

Everything that we experience is guided from the spiritual world, nothing is coincidence, and everything has a purpose. We don't know this purpose, for we don't know the bigger picture. Very often we feel hopeless and afraid, but when we trust that there is a bigger picture and accept the things that happen to us with confidence and react to them intuitively, everything will be all right. We experience what we chose to experience, we will do what we came here to do and the things that happen to us, are supposed to happen. We cannot change that, what must happen, will happen, whether you are insured or not, whether you try to take the save way or not. There will be good things and bad things, pleasant things and sad things. When things get bad and you trust that it is for a reason, everything will be all right. You will get guidance from the spiritual world and a solution will come to you. When you can trust, you will be able to overcome fear, but you will not be able to avoid difficult times and problems. Our lives are set out for us and we chose to play this role. So play it with acceptance, enjoy it when you can and if possible live it with enthusiasm.

The things that happen to you are always in the best interest of your soul!

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Our Life's purpose: Books of Jaap Hiddinga, Ute Kretchmar, Eckhart Tolle, Gary Renard. The Course in Miracles. Youtube: Kiesha Crowther

Mies Kloos,

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