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Formula 1 <vs> Health & Disease

Is your thought process the reason why ...

Everybody knows that in Formula 1 the small details can be the difference between winning of loosing. If we compare Formula 1 with our health situation you can discover remarkable details that show us what goes wrong with the health of millions of people.

Health management.
Let's presume that you are among those with no health complains what so ever. It probably never crossed your mind what it means for your joy and income if it was the other way around. In this light it seems a little bit strange to see how people manage their most precious gift: Health.

I hear so many baby boomers talk about early retirement. It is however not clear what's stopping first, their job or their body?

Formula 1 <vs> Health & Disease
If we compare health with the formula 1 race sport a lot of things are getting clear. Small details in the Formula 1 top sport can lead to a victory. Although the driver can be in top condition, if the car hasn't got a solid frame, a powerful engine, a great aerodynamic package and the right tires etc, he can be fighting a loosing battle. With equivalent cars innovative ideas are the difference between a glorious victory and a unknown disappearing in history.

What about the health 'tuning' of your body?
Not everybody is 'tuning' his or her body the way they should. There's no waiting list to become a sport school member and many don't even have any physical activities what so ever. On the other side, if you don't give your body enough rest or you lead a stressful life, be prepared that some parts will break down. It is the same as driving your car at full power in the morning without giving the engine time to warm up!

Smoking & Health
Although smokers like to join the race and they try to qualify, you are never ever going to be a winner. The question is why would someone do something knowing he's destined to be a born looser?

The simplest thing to think about is fuel. Ever had the experience of putting the wrong fuel in your car? I don't have to tell you that it isn't going to work. However, how many people make this mistake everyday with their food? Don't even expect to get old without discomforts and diseases. For many of those living like that, they don't even get to the finish!

Everybody has seen a breath-taking race were the one in the lead dropped out …… no fuel left. In such a high-tech sport witch involves millions of dollars and people all over the world watching. Don't you think that was plain stupid?

How about fueling your body?
Lets face it; most people don't have a clue. Did you know you have a lot of fuel meters? You get thirsty so you need to stop and drink something. And be sure to get in the right fuel! You're getting sleepy so your body needs rest. You wake up tired in the morning, something's wrong. You have a lack of energy? You're not going to finish today. You've got a headache and you feel pain somewhere. These are all signs that you're not treating your body like you should.

How about your car?
Every year, or after … miles your car is going to the garage to be serviced. If you know the car is using oil you check this at regular intervals or for a long trip. The thought alone you're car might breakdown is a call for action to be sure everything is in perfect condition.

Back to formula 1 were the teams find innovative solutions during testing. Things they don't want the competition to know about.

Innovative solutions we want YOU to know about.
Just like in formula 1 there are innovative solutions to fuel your body with healthy – high-energy – foods. With high quality - all natural - nutritional supplements. And there are test methods were they can analyze your progress. Are you doing better then your competitors? You don't have to spy to find out. Before you can think of becoming a winner you have to have a winners mentality.

The most important question; "Are you set to be a winner?"
- Henk Mutsaers

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