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Free Energy Patents: Who's name will be in the history books forever?

Free Energy Generator

Names that comes to your mind are magnetic energy power generators, zero point energy and of course the name of Nikola Tesla who has at least 278 patents on his name.

The big question is:

Will his name be forever in the history books as the man who changed the world for the better?
The answer is yes but, …..

He can be beaten by the one that doesn't patent his invention and gives it away to the world

Even the most simple device that can make an end to the money machine called electricity or better words; Electric Power!

A device that can break with the ruling powers that be. The one who's giving that free energy device away as a gift to the world will have his name in the history books forever!

It will be that one's name instead of the impressive list of Nikola Tesla's inventions and patents.

The world is on a crosspoint, further going on the path of total slavery, ….
Or the road not yet taking, the road of total freedom

Who will stand up without thinking of his own benefits, becoming rich while his inventions are locked away for the benefits of the powers to be, who still control the world.

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From Globalization to Localization: The road to freedom does exist!

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