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Egypte: De geheimen van de Piramides

Nikola Tesla ontdekte vrije draadloze energie in 1902. Bankiers J.P Morgan gesteund door anderen als Henry Ford die vonden dat deze uitvinding een bedreiging was voor de olie business. Al het werk van Tesla werd vernietigd. Gratis milieu vriendelijke energie is tot op heden het best bewaarde geheim. Een geheim dat echter al 5.000 jaar eerder ontdekt was in het oude Egypte.

Nikola Tesla discovered free clean wireless energy in 1902. The banker J.P. Morgan backed by others like Henry Ford concluded that it would effect their profits from oil and telegraph wire etc. So they confiscated all his work and blew up his experimental tower. The bankers and oil companies have been discrediting his work ever since in order to maintain a stranglehold on energy profits whilst ruining the enviroment. He was the greatest scientist that ever lived but few people know of his work. Some of the things he invented : - Alternating current ACDC , X Rays, Neon Lighting, Robotics, Remote Control, Wireless Radio, Hydro Electric Power Etc.

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