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hope comes in the dark rss feedDo You Have a Good Relation, ..... with Your Body?
What gets your body in return from YOU?

Relations are important at home, work, friends, you name it. Living in harmony with your surroundings is important but, …. the most important relation you will ever have is the relationship with your own body. 

The relation with your own body requires just like in every other relation: Time, Attention, Communication and Love. 

When was the last time you thought, looking at yourself, can I love and respect this person? How do I feel? Is there anything my body needs? Whatever you feel about your body, it’s taking care for you 24/7. It doesn’t miss a beat, filling your lungs with life supporting air and transfers food into energy to fulfill the tasks at hand. 

But what gets your body in return from YOU?

Whenever you don’t reward your body for all the work done, reward richly, it will protest and dissatisfaction arises. Just like you have an overload in your working relation, your body is holding back a little. (A lack of energy) If this doesn’t work, it will protest, giving clear pain signals. And if this doesn’t work, meaning if the person inside the body neglects all the signals, the body will report sickness! It’s taking a few days off without your permission! 

Do you know such people?
Do you have similar experiences?

Lets make this clear, a lot of people who are adapted to the Western lifestyle, collectively, treat their body wrong. Giving it the wrong fuel mix. (base / acid balance). They expect that all those sugars they add to it will be converted to useful energy. They drink far to much alcohol, smoke, take insufficient rest, don’t move at all, don’t drink enough water, are eating loads of the wrong fats, you name it. 

They, …. or does that sounds you are one of them? 

And still they expect their body to function at full workload. They wonder why they lack energy, have overweight, pain and several other discomforts. You can bat that this relationship won’t last at the long run. You need to learn to listen to your body. Doesn’t it seams obvious you need to invest in your most precious property? How do you translate the signals your body gives you into actions you need to take? What to do if you’re in pain? Take a medicine or start looking for a cause? Can the food you eat be the cause? Yes it might be.

Everybody can restore that healthy relation with your body. You too!

It doesn’t matter at which moment you come to sense to improve that relationship. You always get a second chance to make up. However, you need to use that chance before you can’t repair the damage. Before your body tells you; it was nice knowing you but our ways will split. Every day, every minute you can restart, you don’t need to wait till New Year arrives. Make sure you have a perfect employee / employer relation with your own body. - Henk Mutsaers

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