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I need your help.
We need to join forces!

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The key to health is in your own hands.
The first step in health is beginning to change your way of thinking. What I thought wasn’t the truth. Our memory is just like an old computer hard disk. There is some information here and there that we have to lineup for it to make sense. On the hard disk are out-of-date ideas, rumors, fears and doubts, but also a desire between some damaged sectors. If you know that history repeats itself, then you know there a lot to learn.

Health is no more than logical thinking.
Everybody knows that without the fuel in your car you soon end up on the side of the road. You can postpone this a little by driving slowly but in the end you find yourself in a position were you don’t want to be. Your body doesn’t operate any different. A lack of fuel translates in a lack of energy so you are forced to slow down and after your spare fuel tank is also empty your body malfunctions or the engine simply stops running abruptly. We all know we can’t life a minute without oxygen and we can’t survive a few days without water. What makes you think you can starve our body by eating processed junk food daily?

The taste of health is in our memory.
Our fruits and vegetables were seasoned picked because they needed the sun to be filled with vitamins. Now at some places they replaced the sun with lamps and the soil, rich in minerals, with stone wool. Some products even have to travel thousands of miles before they end up ‘fresh’ on your plate. Do you really believe that those products have the same quality and essential ingredients like in the old days? And those are the ‘healthy’ products, in the supermarket you’ll find the pre packed foods loaded with chemical ingredients that are proven to be poison for the human body. ‘Plastic foods’. Most, if not all of you have the experience that the Mediterranean diet tastes so delicious. Strange isn’t it that people on that diet are so healthy? 

Suddenly your health is gone?
The doctor comes in the picture, you know it’s the man / woman that studied medicine. Yes that’s right medicine. A doctor told me in person; “After I finished my study I knew everything about diseases and medication and nothing about health and nutrition”. From the biggest diet study ever; the China Study, we learned that people living on a plant based diet are living a far healthier life then in the ‘civilized’ Western world. The book is still the best-kept secret in many of the Western Countries. It’s not in the best interest of the pharmaceutical companies that you know about it. I think the doctor is doing a great job fixing me after an accident, but I don’t opt in for the chemical ‘double blind tested solutions’ they have to offer. Nature has far more to offer and in a save way: Prevention!

Some people only do what the doctor tells them to do.
Me and You, we can make a difference for some of those people. Medication is great for those people who neglect all the
red signals and don’t want to change their lifestyle.

May 2007:
I traveled the motorway in Belgium listening to radio Donna were a commercial offered a medicine as the solution to a health problem. Advertising medication commercially is not prohibited in de E.U. That’s why the commercial ended without naming the brand but with; “Ask your doctor about it”. With this in mind, more and more people got infected with chemical solutions offered by the Pharmaceutical – moneymaking – industry, far away from what nature has to offer.

Can we still live a normal life?
I don’t think it’s possible anymore. What we can do is avoid the well-known foods that poison our body and use high quality nutritional supplements. To make sure I do the best I can, I have my blood tested every other year so I know my body gets optimal nutrition.

What's wrong with our health system?
Doctors are being paid if they treat deceases and don’t earn any money if they prevent deceases from developing in the first place. A solution would be that every doctor receives a standard payment for healthy ‘clients’ and the income will decrease depending on the cost of the treatment of the patient. 
Another well kept secret!
Dorothy Merritt, M.D. tested in 1997 more then 350 of her chronic decease patients with the SpectraCell vitamin analysis resulting in at least 50% reduction in the overall health costs and between 68% and 81% less medication. Patients reported increased quality of life and were generally pleased with the outcome.

From Sick Care to HealthCare?
Is this going to happen, changing the sick care system to a healthcare system? I think not! Why? The pharmaceutical companies will drop out of the Fortune 500 top 10! So what do YOU need top do? Take your health into your own hands!

What can you do?
Start acting on this information, feel and experience what optimal nutrition can do for you. Inform friends and relatives about it.

Worldwide, millions and millions of people are searching for a cure for little or even life threatening health issues on a global scale. Traditional healthcare providers who use medication as there one and only weapon have proven to
fail to deliver a cure.

The solution is
SIMPLE, …. but only till the moment comes that each and every person takes MALNUTRITION dead serious.

Lead by example.
Start improving your health today and XXXXX as a basis for further preventive health improvements. Even better, start as a virtual distributor. (intellectual distribution) Helping people to achieve optimum health. Vxxxx can be your guaranty to get the best out of each and everyday.
 -Henk Mutsaers

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