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Living the field, everything in this world is connected ... explore ....

Control your feeling and learning to life, the unlimited power of the mind!

Life itself reads your positive and negative thoughts.

Feeling is the inner (positive or negative) perception of a certain event. This feeling can be triggered by an extern factor or a thought in our mind (this feeling can be distorted by our reference frame)

For many years now I received the What Doctors Don't Tell You newsletter by Lynne McTaggart. In those years I read about the book she wrote; "Living the Field", but for one reason or the other it seemed I wasn't ready for it. There was still so much to discover and explore witch had – for me – a higher priority.

Till, … I received a mail from Anne with a link to a YouTube video from Gregg Braden and he started with; "We only begin to understand that everything in this world is connected, this field of energy, …..", and although I scheduled something different then, I needed to see all six parts of the video.

Gregg explains how – what you think – is directly connected with what you see happening around you and what you can de with the power of the mind and what - we - can achieve with collected thoughts.

I previously read two books about the power of the mind and our own thoughts and made it a good habit for years to wake up and go to sleep with positive thoughts. In my daily routine, when I meet people with a negative mindset, I try to change the subject or simply go away!

I experienced already what you can achieve with the power of the mind. One night when I thought strongly about being at a different place, the person connected with it 800 kilometers away reported by mail to have the same feeling at the same time!

If you act on the findings in this video it has a lot to say. It means that some people literally create the chaos in their life with their own thoughts. Life is more a reflection of what you think than you can imagine. It means that we have a major influence on our health and wellbeing. It also means that the 'science' of modern Western medicine isn't built on solid grounds.

It also shows, and that's very encouraging, that we can influence what is happening right now in the world, and what is about to happen. We already see that collective actions can destroy much feared dictator regimes in a short matter of time.

Now that the spirit is unleashed the whole world is bound to change and it will affect our way of life too. We are kept unknown and being in the dark far to long by our so-called – democratic – chosen governments.

Start with this in mind to watch all six videos. It will be clear to you that, the more people who wake up, being aware what's happening, the more powerful we become.

Knowledge is Power!
In our so-called free Western world we are rapidly going in the direction of dictatorship, less privacy, more taxes, more laws, more dictated medical 'treatments' and less freedom!

Be Aware!
The more awareness people have of the game they play in the dark, the more we can unite with peaceful actions and take back our lives. All what is happening right now is part of a bigger plan to take control over the whole world by a happy few with an insane mindset that we can't allow to happen. With the clear explanation by Gregg Braden we gain valuable insights and tools witch will give us unlimited power as a person and a group to counter this process peacefully. – Henk Mutsaers

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