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Chemo (therapy) a Cure vs More Poison.

By: Marcus
Cancer is Curable NOW!

This is a long and very personal email, but I feel I have to share it.  

Many people ask me the same questions over and over, and so I thought I would air my own opinion for the first time. Especially because I have 12 of these emails in my inbox right now.

• I have been to a holistic clinic and everything was fine. The tumor shrank, I felt fantastic, but now I am back home and my cancer keeps growing back and now my family wants me to do chemo. My doctor keeps calling and I do not know what to do.

• I do not have enough money for alternative treatments and if I do radiation and surgery everything is paid for by the insurance.  What would you do?

• My whole family is pushing me to do chemo. What should I do? My alternative treatments seem to not be working.

For a long time I decided to keep my own opinion to myself and rather refer to real health practitioners, but this time I thought I would let you know my own opinion. This does not mean I am telling you what to do, but rather share with you some insights about what we have learned over the past decade. I also do not judge anyone as every situation is different and it's your journey.
So here it goes.

To poison an already weakened body with even more carcinogens is in my opinion utter madness.

Most cancer patients have either one, or a combination of inflammations, viruses, bacteria, neuro toxins, endocrine disruptors, hormone imbalances, heavy metal poisoning, dental toxins, fungi, candida, leaky gut, stress, emotional overwhelm, a shitty relationship, stress with money, oppression at home or at work, and a diet filled with pesticides, artificial sweeteners, MSG, glutamates, artificial colors, preservatives and many other toxins.

This means their system is already in a state of complete overload and break down. To fight cancer in an already overwhelmed system with more toxins is never going to work. It's a short sighted solution which will always backfire.
To burn a person with radiation which causes cancer in the first place, and to kill the immune system down to the bone marrow is even worse. I have seen many cases where the cancer came back just outside of the radiated area and then the quality of life is extremely diminished.

Surgery certainly has its place and can be very helpful, but in many cases it's heavily overrated (eg. mastectomy). We all know that cutting out a tumor does not remove the problem. It just smashes the red warning light which was calling for your attention.
We've known for years that this war against the human body does not and will never work.  It is just not common sense to poison or burn the body and to expect it to live.

The only way to truly heal is by removing the cause.

But no one wants to hear that!

It's inconvenient and very impractical. It requires you to look at your life and to clean up. It requires you to become conscious and aware of the destruction you do to yourself and your environment and your children every single day. It requires you to take action and to sort through personal issues and relationships. Most importantly it requires you to change many of your habits and patterns. Removing the cause means to become conscious and self responsible and to act.

( but now I am back home and my cancer keeps growing back ) In a safe environment in a clinic or health retreat it is very easy to heal, as those who work there have this consciousness already. They have learned to bring healing into this world and they try to show you how you can do it yourself. It's not their job to do it for you but to teach you.  It is important for yourself and for your children that YOU learn to become conscious as well. The true healing happens when you manage to bring the healing into your own home. This is what we call the ripple effect of consciousness.
( I do not have enough money for alternative treatments )  Life is always a matter of choice and priorities. I personally would always prioritize any natural remedy and every non-toxic treatment before using chemo or radiation.  I would, as outlined in our book, search and remove all the causes (this adds no extra cost) and then as outlined in the book, fire my immune system into high gear with some supplements, herbs and mushrooms, and alkaline until I turn green :-) while oxygenating with hyperbaric oxygen and sweating in a far infrared sauna with a high dose bioenergyC (maybe $200 - $500 / month max).  All this would be complemented with all the cancer fighting foods, natural remedies like MMS, Mistletoe, Laetril, high dose enzymes and a stress free attitude. (probably less than your monthly phone bill)
I have to admit the latter (stress) would be my greatest problem as a pure workaholic.  That's why I covered this subject in our 4th chapter with free workshops in our Common Sense Community.
But this is only half the cure.
( my family wants me to do chemo. My doctor keeps calling )  We still have to deal with the ultimatum of the doctor and the worried relatives and partners! This problem is much bigger and has started before you were born.

Our school education system was designed by a few clever and power hungry elite families who are in charge of politics, money (banks), energy (oil), manufacturing (corporations), food supply and health care.  

Their aim was to create an obedient army of workers and consumers.

Every curriculum since 1840 was designed in its very nature to limit the individuality and creativity of man, and to teach them pre-selected answers and to chant-learn predefined solutions. They trained generations to do what they want them to do, and to buy what they want them to buy.

Those who are limited in their capacity to chant-learn all these pre-selected answers are used as a general workforce, military and police  (90% fit into the category)

Those who do well in learning the more complex preselected answers and are good in chant-learning complicated solutions are promoted into positions of higher authority. They become scientists, lawyers, bankers, business owners, directors and doctors.

Doctors are a perfect result of this educational system. From early on they have shown an ability to memorize and tick the right answer and so excel in school, high school, college and university until they became a doctor. They chant learn thousands of pre-selected answers and if they tick them all correct, they are rewarded with good grades, gifts, special bonuses, free seminars, free samples, top promotions and a higher income than everyone else.  Plus they are praised to be the saviors of mankind which gives them a superior status and extreme recognition.

The problem is that 80% of the preselected answers are not in your favor. In fact they are designed to make those few who created the curriculum in the first place, very rich.

This whole concept of school education has managed to completely screw up our ability to think.

They managed to brainwash a whole population to believe that health can be purchased in a pharmacy and that it has nothing to do with lifestyle or diet. Heck they don't even teach a doctor about diet and detox. Not one tiny bit. Because it does not make any money.  Go to the doctor. They know what they're doing. They will tell you what's best for you. You are not clever enough to understand this anyway. So don't even bother. Take a pill and pay the bill.

Disease is a mullti-billion $$$$ business. It's one of the top ranking income streams of the industry and they will do everything to keep this raging river going.

They will use every possible means. Including poisoning YOU.

Yes ........   NO KIDDING!

They use their best paid experts to create a report telling you that fluoride for example is good for your teeth and then mass medicate the water supply with a rat poison. Because that is what fluoride is.  And most shockingly, it makes you dumb! It dulls your mind! You can try it. Give a clever child fluoride tablets for 1 month and watch how their learning at school becomes a drag, how their concentration fails and how they become dull to the degree that you have to send them to special care schools. I have 2 friends where exactly this happened. And they give that to YOU and everybody in your drinking water, toothpaste, mouth wash and even mixed into bottled water. They don't want you to think. You are not supposed to think. You are supposed to work and pay the bill for your pills.

Conspiracy?  No unfortunately not. This is a sad truth!

They hire scientists for special reports which tell you to avoid the sun and to use loads of sun cream. They even market the sun as the enemy and people believe it (this is worse than science fiction). And then they wait until you develop rickets and cancer as a result of deficiency in vitamin D3 and an overload of carcinogens from the chemicals in the sun cream.  

Conspiracy?  No unfortunately not. This is a sad truth!

Why do you think they consciously poison your food, your drinks, your cosmetics, your toys, your furniture, your building materials and even the air with chemtrails?????? Why do you think they still use Amalgam in your teeth even though it is proven to be a carcinogen and is responsible for over 60% of all cancers? They still use it for children and adults every day.   The reason is to make you their patient. And they have guaranteed that you will not choose any treatment other than theirs, because they own the insurances which cover only what they say is good for you.

Did you ever notice that there is no medicine without deadly side effects? And that no medicine ever resolves the problem, but instead makes it worse. They don't want you to get well.  

Conspiracy?  No. This is organised crime in favor of the economy.

Are all doctors bad?

Certainly not. There are many doctors, health experts, naturopaths, scientists, dietitians, dentists, researchers, authors and educators who have realized what's happening. These warriors are speaking up and helping to educate those who are willing to listen. They try to inspire and to wake up all those who have been lulled into unconsciousness by media, tv, soaps, advertising and our perfect school education.

Many of these doctors have been bullied and called Quacks?  Yes many of them have even been in prison for speaking against the madness of so called  "MODERN MEDICINE". They have been raided, they have been blackmailed and all this because they do not comply with what the industry wants them to say, do and sell to you.

All these FREE THINKERS and PIONEERS  are my heroes and part of our

These warriors have not surrendered to a DULL NORM but have conducted their own research and investigations and have found solutions which might not fit into the money making vortex of the system, but they work.

Einstein was one of the top pioneers of people with common sense.   One of my greatest motivations from him is: My contempt for authority has made me one!
Some of the most prominent educators of this community are: 
In my opinion you have only 2 choices.

1.)  You blend in, get your number and follow the same vortex as millions before you and hope for a good outcome.

2.)  You become a rebel in your own right and step outside the box of this chant-learning society. You realize that you have an unlimited capacity for change and appreciate your own magnificence.  

Every problem you face holds a huge opportunity. It awakens your true self and unleashes your purpose and destiny. By conquering cancer you save not only your own life, but that of all following generations to come. You create a ripple effect which can influence the path of thousands.  With this awakened consciousness you allow your mind and your heart to be inspired by a universal outcry for change. This realization boosts your immune system which is the powerhouse of your healing capabilities.

True healing comes from finding your own answers, finding yourself!

We all know that this part of the journey can be very intimidating because the masses don't want you to be different. They feel criticized. They feel challenged in their beliefs. And the authorities do everything to keep you as a patient. They rely on your contribution to their wealth.

That's why COMMUNITY and EDUCATION are the only solution. The more you learn, the more you associate with like minded people, the more you are flooded  with healing information, the stronger you get to stand your own ground and truly heal.

Here you go.
This is my longest email ever. May I let off some steam? I feel compelled to tell you what I really think!
If you would like to comment, discuss, object, agree, clarify or simply share your version
please do so on our blog:
I hope I have not overwhelmed you too much but I had to get this off my chest
Kind regards

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