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FED protest goes Nationwide in the US

The Federal Reserve HAS to go. Thanks to Bernanke, and his predecessors my dollar has lost over 98% of its purchasing power. End corporatism, end the FED!!!

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* Fed up with the FED
* Socialism for Wall Street & Capitalism for Main Street
* The FED has inflation under control [excluding little things like food and energy]
* Where is the discount window for taxpayers?
* Your congressman did not get to vote on the Bear Stearns bailout
* Commodity inflation cause starvation

This and more we could read on the Wall Street protests: We the People

... and in Boston, "Our republic has been hijacked by Wall Street and Big Corporations", "Don't be afraid to admit that you wanna see things changed".

... and in Chicago, daily marching around the City stating "Who's street, our street!"

... and Los Angeles, "Corporate greed kills", "Banks get out", "They are taking our houses", We are tired of the lies on tv, I don't trust the TV anymore"

... and in San Francisco, "You will not get my home"', Many Big coporations paid no taxes last year", "Arrest the CEO let the people go", "I don't believe corporations are people until Texas executes one".

Ongoing actions and protests are closly followed and supported around the world

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Hpoe comes in the dark if you want to
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