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It is said that the chemtrails are not chemical spraying, but just Contrails - condensation trails that occur when a jet aircraft's exhaust produces condensation. The question is: What are they spraying?

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CHEMTRAILS: Creating a Carrier for Electromag Frequencies?

Symposium " The illegal Spraying of harmful substances in the atmosphere by airplanes, also known as 'chemtrails' : The Truth! ", which will be held in an auditorium of the University of Ghent, on Saturday, 29th May. 2010 Chem-trail by the Belfort group

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Orange", a scientific report, which has been compiled on behalf of ? the Belfort-group and of humanity by a team of experts with ? relevant aviation background. This is very important : the authors ? are inside experts. They know what they are talking about !

Original full version Chem Trail Report
Chem Trail basic version report

Video: What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length)

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