Hope Comes In The Dark

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"The people as ultimate sovereigns, retain the ultimate power -- and even the duty -- to overthrow any government that fails to respect their authority." -- Glenn Harlan Reynolds

"When a legislature decides to steal some of our rights and plans to use police force to accomplish it, what's the real difference between them and the thief? Darn little! They hide behind the excuse that they're legislating democratically. The fact they do it by a majority vote has no moral significance whatsoever. Numerical might does not constitute right, no more than a lynch mob can justify its act because a majority participated." -- H. L. Richardson

A pamphlet, no matter how good, is never read more than once, but a song is learned by heart and repeated over and over. --- Joe Hill

Hi Henk, I like it. Nice and up-beat. Keelan -

2011 I finished mailing the song to all local Dutch radio stations, all Belgium and German radio stations. The radio station where I make my programs made it "plaat van de week" week 35 witch --- local radio Schijndel made in HIT record the same week --- HTR radio Heusden is playing the song --- RTV 80 Bergen / Egmond & Schoorl playing it at the 24/7 list --- BCS Sachsen (DE) puts the song at their 24hr list --- Interview at Stads Radio Breda --- ??? who's following ???

Hello Henk!
I love the song! You're spreading a great message - keep it up! The world needs more people like you. Thanks so much for sharing : ) Create a beautiful day Love and aloha Crystal (Living Magic)
Don Anton teaches international law at the Australian National University College of Law.
I'd be happy make it a song of the day.

Great tune!! Love the message! Keep up the great work. Steve ( Musician USA)

Thank you Henk for this sending. Kind regards, Cheri National Health Federation

Your video is the most powerful piece. Mojo ( Musician USA)

I think the song is good - spells out the message loud and clear and it's also very, very catchy :-)
-- Bristol Festival

People who are exploited and subjugated are trained by their culture in many ways to not see their subjugation and exploitation. Protest songs serve the function of helping people realize this. They will never act until this happens. The other function is to help unite many people by speaking to their shared experience. You build a cohesive group buy such communication. You need to honor such songs for their true purpose. Now, new generations do not understand this and they weren't there, so they see nothing to respect and appreciate. Protest song have played a powerful role in movements and still do. They should be appreciated.

Dear Henk, Very good song! Thank you for sharing it. Peace and love,
- Nicole San Francisco, Ca. -

Here is a song created by some friends of ours that calls us all to action in a world of despair. Song is very well made and really makes a lot of sense...Hope comes in the dark! Check it out...
Corey Ledet

download hope comes in the dark here

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