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Financial Meltdown: Politicians Don't Know What To Do Anymore!

Taxpayer Money
Politicians are in deep trouble; no actions have been taken to save the value of the dollar and the euro. They have failed to deliver. When you put a currency at the core of your economic policy you put the bankers in charge. Banks should not be allowed to gamble with private deposits that are insured by government guarantees. Governments all over the world let Banks Gamble with Taxpayer Money!

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Financial meltdown

After the bailout, banks and governments do sleep in one bed, cutting their own flesh if they are restricting the banks. So there is only one way to go, we the taxpayers pay the bill. Isn't it time that WE abandon the system. We are facing a financial meltdown anyway!

While government still doesn't know what to do, people all over the world starting to protest and elections are always a few years around the corner. You could say that all people running for election are concerned only with getting and keeping power for themselves, not with what is best for the people. Knowing that money dominates elections, and the bankers sleep with our government, it won't really matter much witch puppet candidates you elect.

Politicians are facing trouble, trouble and more trouble.
Did you have a chance to have a say what's on your mind? Ruling the world all those years was a game of war (power), fear (control) and dept (dependency). We the people have to make an end to stop that game. Politics will always be a farce!

Globalization can go down the drain
We need to get organized locally, starting with local biological food production and get people healthy again. Along the way people get less depended on doctors and Big Pharma's wheel of fortune will come cracking to a halt. Vaccines, medicines, chemotherapy and the likes can be thrown in the wastebasket! No need for these modern western medicines anymore and back to the unscientifically proven save and effective ways nature has given us!

Message of hope
Starting to organize everything as a community in freedom, respect and autonomy. With local currency or a Local Exchange Trading System. Where abundance for all will be the driving force instead of scarcity and power for the happy few. Let's get started and learn on the way.

-- Henk Mutsaers

"With lies you may get ahead in the world - but you can never go back."
-- Russian proverb

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