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Global Political Unrest on the rice in 2011 and 2012

Global Food Prices
A record high price in many food staples is pushing millions into poverty ...
Financial Crisis brings social unrest all over the world ....

global unrest 2011 2012

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Global Food Prices
A record high price in many food staples is pushing millions into poverty and contributing to unrest in countries all over the world. It is poor people who are now facing incredible pressure to feed themselves and their families. Food prices are almost 30 percent higher than it was a year ago (2010). As governments across the world look for ways to calm their angry populations and growing unrest, one challenge in particular stands out: how to address the spiraling cost of food.

High prices are far more burdensome for people in the developing world because they typically spend a much higher percentage of their income on food. Many also buy raw unprocessed food — grain rather than packaged bread, for example — and it is those commodity prices that have increased most dramatically. Is the cost of food a reflection of naturally increasing commodity prices? Critics say the problem is that government and media outlets alike refuse to recognize what's really going on: unchecked speculation! With many families spending up to 80% of their income on basic foods to survive, even the slightest increase in price can have devastating effects and become a crises for the poorest, leading to social and political unrest".

The unrest started in the Arab spring ….
.. also know as the Arabic Revolution in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen and went from there …..

Financial Crisis brings social unrest all over the world

So far; social unrest over the financial crisis has varied from country to country. In some of the worst affected nations such as Ireland, acceptance and even apathy has prevailed, while Greece has seen fatalities and street clashes.

Greek protesters clashed with police in central Athens as tens of thousands marched against austerity measures aimed at pulling the country out of a debt crisis. Italian protestors and police fought battles in Rome after Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi won a no-confidence vote. Britain saw its worst clashes in two decades as students demonstrated over tuition fee rises. More unrest is expected in 2012 as unions protest against much broader cuts. In some countries at least, particularly those with upcoming elections, worries over further unrest will deter the government from more aggressive reforms. The propensity for civil unrest in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy will act as a check on their governments. Eurozone borrowers such as Greece or Ireland, where some potential demonstrators have openly said the fear of a bond market meltdown!

Anger on the streets
Occupy Wall Street A Sign Of Certain "Civil Unrest", it is a fire bell in the middle of the night. Political Unrest worldwide has made headlines for over the past year, from Egypt to Syria to Greece, and now it has hit the United States. In most cases, it is the lower and middle classes fighting for equality, due to a large difference in income between them and the wealthy class within their respective country. Here we go with yet another political movement fueled by tweeters spreading the word of rebellion against their government.

…. and a Progressive Activist, is organizing a HUGE Protest with the intention to shut down Washington D.C. until demands to end the four unsanctioned wars the US is involved in are met.

We are awakening from a dream, which is tuning into a nightmare. We are not destroying anything. We are only witnessing how the system is destroying itself.

Is America next in line to experience unrest that has touched almost every corner of the globe? As Alex Jones stated: Our prediction three years ago, based on UN documents, which was made six months before the collapse of Lehman brothers, that the world would be hit by massive food riots and anti-government unrest in the aftermath of an economic collapse, is now unfolding at an astonishing pace.

If the violent scenes we now witness unfolding across the planet are anything to go by, we won't have to wait too long to find out whether or not the United States will become engulfed in the crisis, or whether the global elite will move to prevent such a scenario by coming to the realization that their war on the middle class and the poor threatens to provoke a reaction that even they may be unprepared to deal with.


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