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Hoping for the best, but preparing for plan B

No, I didn’t want to say; “Preparing for the worst”. If you read ‘Be aware’ [recommended] then you know that the world we live in is not the place I want to live in. A world where we trade our time with money that has no fixed value. Where governments printing new money out of the blue to solve their problems and making our savings and pensions vaporizing. Where they create fear and make some of us fight useless wars for their own benefits, meaning their power over us.

In Egypt we’ve seen the power of the people, when the problems and anger comes at a point of no return, the combined actions can make the impossible possible! What will it take before the people of all nations unite and together demand that those who want to control us will lose the power, … we gave them!

In case they don’t want to listen to us, billions of people …
As soon as I start trading with goods instead of money, they lose much of their power. The only things they have control over is the power supply and a huge part of the food supply. That’s why I want you to know about the Seeds of Sustainability program.

Plan B
Get in contact with local organizations like Transition Towns, Local Trade Systems that have everything into place to expand right now. And make yourself less dependend in every way possible.

And, …… get informed about what is going on NOW!

I’m hoping for the best, not in terms of the outcome but most of all about YOU!

I’m hoping that those billions wake up in time to take action

Here’s where you can start taking action:
Oproep voor een Wereldwijde Mars van Miljoenen op 6 maart 2011

A Call for a March of Millions on Washington, March 6, 2011

Appel à une Marche Pacifiste Gigantesque le 6 Mars 2011 à Washington DC

Espanola, Portuguese, German, Italian, …..

I don’t know were this journey will lead to?
I don’t know what to do every step of the way?

I do know that giving time I will know and learn!
I do know were to look for help, … locally!
I do know that locally can be on the other side of the world were I have friends too!

- Henk Mutsaers

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