Hope comes in the dark
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Change the World, when a picture tells you more than a thousand words

I wonder, how many people - giving the choice - would choose for war instead of peace?

I wonder if all people in this world would have only the most basic NEEDS like a roof, food, freedom, love and understanding would choose for war?

I wonder how many people want to receive our help or rather choose giving a fair chance to shape their own future?

I wonder how many people really hate Blacks, White, Catholics, Moslims etc. If they’re basic conditions are met?

I wonder how many people still tell me the same old story, they have been told by politics that want to rule and divide if we have an honest talk one to one?

I wonder how many people really want to have war, if they have to fight the bloody war themselves?

I wonder how many percent really wants to have war?

I wonder if we finally unity the peaceful people how long it will take to disarm those who let us fight their wars.

I wonder if you are ready to join the crowd?

- Henk Mutsaers

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