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Let's join the health revolution

Smart people make smart decisions, they make well informed choices based on solid scientific proof and not based on assumptions including those of a doctor! (Who got a degree in medicine instead of natural health)

Over the past 4 years I host a weekly health program on the local radio witch is distributed as podcast. Things I learned there I'll apply in my daily lifestyle and have this checked with NES energetic health over the past years sins 2007.

Most modern western diseases didn't exist 100 years ago. What has chanced sins, not our genes but the environment and the food the animals, the fish and WE eat!

As an independent rep for SpectraCell laboratories I've learned that 74% of all tested persons have a functional vitamin deficiency, like football players who don't work as a team. And a staggering 99,5% have a functional mineral deficiency!

Here's what you need to know.
If you don't take the essential fats, minerals won't be absorbed properly nether will the vitamins. Here's the correct order: First the essential fats, then the minerals and the vitamins will follow.

Our modern foot is lacking in all sorts of essential ingredients and is packed with E numbers, pesticides ore GMO's who will distort the immune system.

This is the basic problem of all diseases witch needs to be addressed before you can look any further.

Nobel price winner Otto Warburg discovered the cause of cancer, hart disease and more way back in 1931. Discoveries witch has been suppressed until now.

So let's join the health revolution and educate others with practice experiences.

Can solid health be so simple? Yes it can!

Start using daily (might be the breakfast) a whole yogurt or cottage cheese with a teaspoon biological flaxseed oil and a teaspoon biological pumpkin oil. (for the omega 3 & omega 6 balance) This will be the best way to get your essential fats, sulfur in the whole yogurt or cottage cheese will promote a better distribution of oxygen to the body cells (The secret for preventing cancer, hart disease and more) [Otto Warburg / Brian Peskin / Johanna Budwig]

Start using Celtic Sea salt sole (a better name is sea minerals)
Ask your natural health store or order on the Internet (Sel Gris). Celtic sea minerals are the best! How to make this sole: Take a jar and fill it 1/3 with sea minerals, the other 2/3 with clean water. Shake it well (some minerals stay on the bottom). Use two teaspoons of this so called sole daily in your breakfast, over a salad, drink it in a glass of water or mix it in a smoothie.

Start looking at those E numbers and avoid the red ones, take biological foots and some foots who will detoxify your body on a regular basis.

More things can be done but these are the basics that can and must be implemented in your daily lifestyle. It can be done easily at very low cost.

Before you visit the doctor's office these things must be looked after. To make sure you're doing great have a energetic body check like for example NES, the 21st century health check for preventing sickness witch won't be used by medical trained doctor's!

Please report your successful results to be helpful to others!
To your health

-- Weekly health program in Dutch, special program about preventing cancer and heart disease from Brian Peskin in English can be downloaded -- look at date: 26-06- 2012 and 03-07-2012

-- Henk Mutsaers -- E mail your results

More info at: The Hidden Story of Cancer

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