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Liberation Day

In the Netherlands May the 5th its called liberation day to celebrate and remember the end of world war II. The Second World War is something that has no meaning to them being born after the war. In the mean time there hasn't been a single day without war somewhere in the world and we live in a world were our freedoms are taking away one by one in an increasing speed, Natural healing, Codex Alimentarius, Body scans, clean air (Chemtrails) to name a few. This quote tells a whole story why are liberation day isn't (anymore) a day to celebrate.

"We used to be a free people. Now we are hedged in by millions of laws. Harassed by a plague of opportunistic lawyers. Harmed by regulations meant for our protection. Unnecessarily taxed to pay for a suffocating bureaucracy. Drowning in petty paperwork. Stifled by "rights" that rarely benefit anyone."
-- Joan Beck

The other side of the coin however is that I get more and more international friends in the natural health seen and the Cajun and zydeco music world (another passion of mine). I don't know what some of them do, I don't know there religion but we share a common interest that seems to overrule all (possible) contradictions. I do however don't watch a lot of TV …. were most contradictions are highlighted. Instead of judging people on the bias of somebody else's opinion, I just talk to them. The shared common interest is the basis of the conversation witch gave me a lot of new friends around the world.

Liberation Day, doesn't it start within yourself?

- Henk Mutsaers

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