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Occupy … the 2011 resistance movement goes global

The Occupy Wall Street protest, looking for some way to grasp their futures. Movements don't start with goals and demands, but always start with grievances.


After a month the Occupy Wall Street movement is been spreading all over the world inspiring people in the Netherlands in Amsterdam, Dan Haag, Utrecht, and Rotterdam.

Dutch Television reported on the six o'clock news (RTL4) that the protests where held by a group of 'no nothing', trying to make a fool of the movement. "They don't know what they protest for and what there demands are. It's the same as protest against the rain"

Statements on the Occupy Amsterdam website were however clear: Freedom and equality, access to the world's wealth, and the same decision rights for all. Within 72 hours they had 18.000 visitors on their website thanks to the media attention.

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It's the 99% that's protesting!
The shameless confiscation of both raw materials and human capital are over, … here and now! We need a revolution, putting the well-being of people, society and the planet at number one!

I ask myself the question: do they realy know what's going on?

Talking about the banksters to blame ...

But isn't it the monetary system as a whole that's failing?

Do they know?

And what about all the other things that worry me like Chemtrails, HAARP, GMO's. and the chemicals in our food? I didn't hear them talking about those things? ... and more!

-- Henk Mutsaers

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