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Trace amounts of radioactive iodine from Japan's damaged nuclear reactors have shown up in drinking water in the US. Even though those levels are many times higher than the EPA's drinking-water standard for iodine-131, the agency pointed out that the standard is designed to protect a person who drinks contaminated water daily for 70 years. Because the isotope has a half-life of eight days, levels of iodine-131 are expected to drop quickly. (they say)

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Across the nation radioactive iodine has been detected at hundreds of times higher than the 3 picocuries per liter level and the EPA continues to claim the levels detected are safe. In a report published today by a local Ohio newspaper, the local EPA official admitted to the paper that Iodine radiation is harmful at 3 Picocuries per liter. Apparently the EPA official who spoke to this reporter didn't get the memo that the EPA is covering up the harmful levels of radiation being found in the rain, milk and drinking water across the US.

The Fukushima radiation blowout is, as predicted, an unresolved world disaster. Essentially, it is the most major population disaster the world has ever faced. The radiation in Tokyo has levels higher than inside the Chernobyl exclusion (evacuation) zone. In other words, there are 35 million people in Tokyo and they are all living in a zone that should have been evacuated according to the Russian approach.

In short, not only is Japan exposed to serious levels of radionuclides, but the whole earth is becoming contaminated. It is an unfortunate no-brainer to understand that Fukushima disaster will ultimately cause millions, perhaps hundreds of millions deaths.

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