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hope comes in the dark rss feedAre you playing
Russian roulette

with your medications?

Is medication the biggest gamble you take in life?

We always think that those meds the doctor subscribes to us, are a save way to cure the diseases, that we should and could avoid in the first place. It’s astonishing, no, it’s shocking to find out how little knowledge scientist have about the medications the doctor uses as his daily tools.

Lucky as I was, before disaster was striking me, a minor health problem raised my health awareness. I wasn’t doing the best I could for my body and it protested with pain to give me a wakeup call. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Disrupted blood flew in both my wrists, and pain in my chest now and then. Because I worked at a chemical storage at that time, the search went into the wrong direction. Finally the solution they had to offer was operating both my wrists. That didn’t sound appealing to me and I checked it by a second option I heard from through word of mouth advertisement.

The answer came after a nice chat in hardly five minutes. A disrupted acid ~ base balance (pH). Never heard of it, but as I found out later, every farmer knows about it! This might be one of the biggest secrets to improve your health fast and effective. After nearly three years my problems vanished in eight weeks with only a strict diet. This is where my journey started. I read all the articles in the newspapers I used to skip before. Magazines, TV, international seminars and off course the Internet. Step by step I started to make some small changes in my diet, started to use supplements and most important: measuring my results! It became a rollercoaster ride. From a school figure 9.3 to a 3.8 on the downside. Living healthier isn’t easy with the temptations of all those processed foods!

We always hear and read the stories about new medical breakthroughs for a certain disease. What we don’t hear is, how many of those stories are really telling the truth? Here are some shocking facts!

On one off the presentations I met Dr. Robert Verkerk from the Alliance of Natural Health (ANH). He presented the danger of the coming Codex Alimentarius for natural health freedom. Funny that they want more evidence about supplements and double blind controlled studies done with vitamins. Why funny? Because I learned from an article published in the British Medical Journal the fact about medicines.

Didn’t you hear all those stories about quackery lately when it comes to vitamins and minerals? Here are the facts about the medication the doctor uses to cure diseases. 13% is proven to be beneficient to help overcome a health problem. 46%! Yes, you read that right, from 46% they haven’t got a clue what it’s doing inside your body. The remaining 41 percent is sometimes a benefit; sometimes the side effects are worse than the complaint itself; sometimes it even has the potential to kill! After I had the time to really think about those figures, it sounded like a Russian roulette to me. Played in the doctor’s office and most off the patients not knowing about it! And the doctor; Does he or she knows the truth, or is he or she brainwashed by the pharmaceutical marketing machine. 

Medication: The easy way for neglecting your responsibility?

I consider myself lucky, having the knowledge and putting my trust in natural medicine. To me it’s very clear that people, who change their diet and are using supplements, avoiding dangerous foods, are looking younger, are feeling better and will have more energy. Looking around I would like to shout it from the top of the roof: “Hey folks, don’t you know?” But I learned that people don’t react most of the time on the voice of a stranger. That’s why I try to encourage you to learn more about it and help me spread the message.  

Clinical Evidence aims to help people make informed decisions about which treatments to use

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