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Did you say yes to Quackery?

Quackery, a blessing for your bad habits!

In the media we come across a lot of articles about quackery. Most of the time in relation with alternative medicine practitioners.  It will be about some natural treatment that isn’t double blind proven, at least, not in the eyes of modern medicine. This kind of ‘news’ gets all the attention in the media, but what does quackery really means and who’s doing it!

Quackery: Strictly it is a fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skills.

That sounds interesting! 

Can somebody else declares someone to perform quackery, or is it the patient who gives the care provider the occasion to perform the act of quackery?

Everybody is used to hear quackery mentioned in one breath with alternative medicine. But lets have a close look at traditional western medicine. In the medication top 10 we will find high blood pressure medication, sleep disorder medication, acid blockers and painkillers. Lets have a close look at painkillers.

What does a painkiller actually?
Simply put, it works on the nerve system and is blocking the pain signals to your brain. That sounds great however.

What is pain for?
Isn’t pain a warning signal from your body that something’s wrong? Isn’t it given so that nothing goes by unnoticed like the control lights in your car? So if you ignore the pain by suppressing it with medication, isn’t that the same as removing the control lights in your car for a while? By ignoring the pain you’re doing fine when you use painkillers until something goes really wrong. But what do I need to do? Good question! 

Many people are on a diet rich in acid (meat, milk, grain) and low in base foods like fruit and vegetables. An unbalanced diet rich in omega 6 and low in omega 3. Both will lead to pain over time. Another prime example; Batmanghelidj, a doctor being held in prison in Iran for two years and seven months, was helping fellow prisoners with his one and only tool: water. He discovered one night when they called for his help on an acute and painful flatulence ulcer, that the only thing he could do was giving the patient two glasses of water. Within eight minutes the pain disappeared. Batmanghelidj ordered him to drink two glasses of water every two hours, that kept the pain away.

Conclusion: When you battle pain with a medicine you might overlook the cause and treat the symptoms instead. This way, you are performing quackery by buying or asking for pain medication. 

I spoke to a friend who was hospitalized three times in a row.  He was more then aware that the cause for his problems was his own destructive lifestyle. I did ask his wife what he thought about alternative care providers? No way she said! The first thing they will bring up is changing your lifestyle to score lasting effects. This way he’s opting in for a symptom treatment, quackery, so he can maintain his lifestyle a little longer.

When a doctor supplies you with the medication, without asking you the ‘difficult’ questions about your lifestyle, is it the doctor who’s guilty of quackery or is it your own responsibility? 

Over the years, I made up my mind and developed a strong opinion about western medicine. When you are involved in an accident ending up hospitalized, doctors can do a great job getting you well again. In one word; Fantastic! Professional work.

However, when it comes to their magic acts, pharmaceutical medications, I simply don’t thrust them! I think it’s the highest performing and organized act of quackery!
To many people lacking the knowledge of what food can do for your overall health and what some foods can do to make you sick while others foods can be the best medicine to heal or maintain health. It’s a shame most doctors aren’t trained for the job. Having learned their ‘skills’ by pharmaceutical companies, or can we say being brainwashed? Medical training, the name already tells you what it stands for, has nothing to do with healthcare. Healthcare should be prevention, and we start paying visits to a doctor when we are sick. Most people aren’t aware what the cause is for their sickness, discomfort or wellbeing. Lifestyle, bad habits, and all the options for a quick fix, are advertised by the pharmaceutical firms in their TV commercials. Come to us, we can supply you with all your quackery tools.

Eat more greens?
Heh, I’m not a rabbit?

I may have some joys in life don’t I?

I’m, sorry, not much time for that!

Healthcare cost rising, out of reach for many already. Don’t we badly need a healthcare system rewarding people with a healthy lifestyle?  Rewarding doctors for those they keep healthy? Reward people with a no-claim healthcare system. Living in harmony with the laws of nature. Motivating people financial to life a healthier lifestyle.

Doctors are only a part of the system.

We are however in control, ...

.... asking for the right treatment or choice to go to another doctor. Trained, trusted and respected for real healthcare. You may opt in for the magic tricks but when the magic fades away you most probably will pay a high price? Like a thief in the night, food companies rob  you from your health, pharmaceutical companies from your wealth. 

What can I do?
Good question! Our food chain is highly industrialized. Artificial fertilizers, pesticides, gmo seeds, processed foods. We need to buy whole foods at local farms from people who we can thrust or start growing your own.

We, you and I are the society.
Do something about it yourself, the government its’ letting us down to protect us for a long, long while. We can always raise other people’s awareness and find likeminded people who will join. Going back to our roots, living in harmony with nature like it was meant to be. Or you can go on with quackery and gamble with your most precious possession; Health!

– Henk Mutsaers

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