Hope comes in the dark

hope comes in the dark rss feedThe cure for virtually all diseases was invented by nature,
..... long before the cause!


* Never ever in history they spend more money on 'healthcare'!
* Never ever before in history there were so many unnatural ingredients in our food chain.
* Never ever before there were so many pesticides used to grow our food


* Never ever we've seen so many unhealthy people.

cure all diseases

Is it Big Farma's dogma: "That's because we grow older?"

Don't they forgot to tell that ancient populations us to be much older then we at this moment like the Hunza's? Aging in a much better shape then we do. Actually, it looks like we life longer but to me it seems it takes longer to die for most.

Do you see the connections?

All those discoveries by scientists about our genes might look like nature made mistake after mistake.

To me that don't make any sense, does it?

How far are you on your path of discovery?

These simple statements can always be seen from a negative point of view.

It only means; "Are you ready to discover these things too?"

For every poison on this planet is a solution to reverse the effects.

Opposite negative there's positive.

Witch point of view do you like to take?

I like to life in a positive world.

I like to help shaping it.

I like to show it, if you are ready?

- Henk Mutsaers

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