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What to believe about health?

Do we believe or like to believe?

Try to discover what works and what doesn’t
will make you take better choices everyday.

Are you being brainwashed?
Isn’t it strange that we believe old age comes with discomforts, pain, lack of energy, memory loss, sickness and the need for support? Is it because we see it all around us? You know however that some people do escape all this ‘bad luck’. Do we believe they come from a strong family tree or did those people make better health decisions everyday? Are you afraid to look in the mirror and might discover you do brainwash yourself?

Be careful what you believe about "health".
How come 80 percent of all people believe ‘they’ eat healthy? How come there is more sickness then ever? Can it be the food we eat? Are we slowly digging our grave with a fork? Why is the use of diagnostic tools to analyze vitamin deficiencies among doctors so low? Didn’t they learn about nutrition and the possible cause of sickness?Have you ever tested your believe system?

Have you ever noticed what food does for you?
Some foods gives you energy, some foods make you relaxed, some foods and drinks makes you think bright, and some food make you feel good. Can it be that some of these processed foods we eat today make you sick? Can it be that some of these foods lacking sufficient nutrients make you depressed, tired, angry, sleepless, painful and eventual kill you?

The definition for the word:

* A medicine or therapy that cures disease or relieve pain
* Provide a cure for, make healthy again.

How many people use medicines – everyday – to ‘cure’ their disease? Would the word – makeshift – not be a better choice for most medicines? Why do people still believe they need all those medicines? Can, step by step changing your believe system be the best way to grow old. Finding a doctor who coaches you with an annual preventive checkup is the best option. – There is a lot of knowledge today in the ‘sickness care’ but - I – believe steering away from our ‘healthcare’ system is always the first choice.

How Smart Are Scientists?
Researching what we don't know is why we investigate and it's called science. We know from experience what food can do for us in terms of energy and wellbeing. We know from writings, dating back hundreds and thousands of years, what food and proper nutrition can mean for our health, or sickness. Still there are many scientists who fail to make positive recommendations about additional nutrition and diet choices because they don't know why all these micronutrients work the way they do. It seams in this case that those scientists don't know the difference between the two words; knowing and why. I'm glad that I'm smarter then they!
- Henk Mutsaers

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