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... that I don’t need any medicine if I eat well?

Reading articles about the subject “additional nutrition” is always confusing. One article makes a statement in favor of it, the other says you will get all vitamins in a balanced diet. Just like you, I have been searching for the answers and found them. 

It’s an old farmer’s wisdom: “What you sow you will harvest”.
This little known fact has more impact on our health than most people are aware of.  If the basic conditions fail, so will your health. 

What you sow you will harvest.
Round about 1875 the use of fertilizers has been started, which is now common with all kinds of farming. Fertilizers, I never knew before, have 11 minerals and trace elements. If you start with sea farming instead, you will get the full spectrum of 92 minerals and trace elements, but ....... no money can be made with these and fertilizers together with the necessary pesticides are bringing big profits.

The only question is, where does our body gets the missing 81 minerals and trace elements?

Did you know that with sea farming
you don’t need to use pesticides at all?

With the wide spread use of fertilizers, people are using pesticides as well, these are only called medicine! 

You might think: “So you wanna try to tell me, that I don’t need any medicine if I eat well?” The answer is “YES”. When you give your body the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes in the right combination as nature has designed it, your immune system can do the job, keeping you healthy at all times. But don’t tell the pharmaceutical companies, they want to make us believe it’s all in our genes. They will tell you what is in their best interest and the keyword again is “MONEY”.

Remember, the healthiest people live in the Hunza Valley with an average age of 100 - 110, where no western doctor can be found within miles. 

Now it makes sense to me, that I am feeling so much better after changing my lifestyle step by step. Having my blood checked on essential nutrients, so I know for sure I’m not taking any risk. Staying healthy is as simple as 1-2-3.  If you know what to look for and how to get it.

The next disasters, that are knocking on your door are called “GMO foods and the Codex Alimentarius”. 

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