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hope comes in the dark rss feedWhat does your own body knows better, ... better then you?
When you start learning to listen to your body, ...

When you start learning to listen to your body, it tells you a lot about your health. However we are human beings who are capable to decide and think for ourselves (?).

On the other side, the media and the people we hang out with are influencing our thought process.

Reference frame, feelings & intuition?
You can definitely remember a situation from puberty where it came to your mind to not put on a certain piece of clothing, because your friends had said; “It was not done”. Maybe you’ve developed the habit than, to take account of the opinion of someone else, even if you didn’t agree with that opinion? I can remember I didn’t like the taste of some foods like fish. For one reason or the other I ate some later and, …. it tasted delicious. So I had to change my opinion about it. Over time I have build literally thousands of personal opinions in my reference frame who have nothing to do with the truth or reality!

There are people who are in pain everyday.
When they enjoy a day without pain they feel good.

When I listen to people and hear their stories you learn a lot. Someone said with bewildering on her face; “Did you know that (so and so) has been diagnosed with a killing disease, and she recently told me she was feeling great”. How many people I wonder, know what feeling good really feels like?

If you can’t thrust your reference frame and your own feelings,
what about your intuition?

An example:
Your unemployed and on the way to apply for a new job. You don’t know how many times you’ve been asking for another job and in your mind slips the thought; “It will probably turn out like last time”. Do you show some sincere enthusiasm, shoulders right and knowing you are the person for the job? Didn’t you just destroy the opportunity with your own intuition? Don’t you agree that positive thinking and your intuition do have a great influence on your health?

No way back.
If you ask them, many people think they live a healthy lifestyle. Don’t you ever ask yourself; how come that less then one third of all people enjoy overall health at the age of fifty-six? What about those people aging without trouble, who live to be ninety or a hundred years old, how do they live?

When you get sick, there’s not always a way back.
Not even with all the money in the world.

Your own body knows better then you!
That’s the only conclusion I can make when you hear the testimonials from people that changed their diet and added nutritional supplements. Although they were convinced to live healthy, some ‘miracle’s ’ happened, no headaches anymore, sleeping all night, loosing weight without a problem, more energy and more benefits. People who got off their medication after years of thinking they should use them for the rest of their life, due to their health condition. People with bright thoughts have no more depressions.

There are people who will never discover!
They simply won’t give in against their believes like the addicted smoker who starts his day coughing saying; “It’s about time I might be thinking to quit”. He never will! Those people, I can’t help with writhing this motivational article to stop smoking or to live a healthier lifestyle.

But YOU?
Won’t you give your body the change for three months, to prove that you were wrong after all, all these times? I hear people share there great results with sincere enthusiasm telling me in other words that they were wrong treating there body the way they did for years and years. Admitting a mistake however doesn’t hurt when the results feels like a victory! With whom you think you’re body will prefer to life together; the smoker who thinks to live a burgundy lifestyle, or the new you who feels great every day? – Henk Mutsaers

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