C & Z Saulieu Festival 2012

Saulieu Cajun & Zydeco Festival 2012
What was my highlight this year?

It’s almost two months after the Saulieu Cajun & Zydeco festival, when I could find some time to write about it. It was, as always, a great festival to visit, great bands, great music, and nice people to spend this weekend with. A very long weekend, starting at Thursday night and ending on Monday with the Mardi Gras Party. (Fantastic idea Didier)

My personal highlight however was something different.
The opportunity to sing my protest song; “Hope Comes In The Dark” with Whiskey River.

Why is this message so important to me?
I want to live in a better world, a world however that we need to create ourselves. But as always, you can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t force it to drink. Wisdom is not thrown in your lap, it’s something you have to find and discover yourself. A trip no one can make for you or save you from.

After some minor health problems many years ago, my whole life turned upside down, because of the things I discovered over the years. From really shocking health information to corruption, lies and conspiracy facts. All these things I have learned, made me write “Hope Comes In The Dark”. And here’s why I wrote it:

What’s the most important thing in everyone’s life?
Health! You’re right.

What do we see happening in our modern Western world? More and more diseases who where unknown to mankind or, like cancer and hart disease, only a threat for les then 5 percent of the whole population in the beginning of the 19th century. What has changed sinds then? The answer I found was the food chain. And how did I learn all this?

Well, my minor health problems led me to the alternative health path after the regular healthcare couldn’t give me the right answer. I started to share my discoveries on my own website in 1999 witch attracts 2.000 unique visitors daily now. Followed by a monthly and now weekly newsletter in September 2008, with a weekly health program / podcast on the local radio. (212 daily podcast downloads in 2012) The same station were I make Zydeco Zity Radio.

Here’s where you can start your journey of discovery: Nobel price winner Otto Warburg discovered the cause of cancer, hart disease and more way back in 1931. Discoveries wich have been suppressed until now.

Being on the path of discoveries and raising awareness, nothing seemed strange to me anymore. I learned about our money system wich happens to be the biggest illegal pyramid scheme ever. Henry Ford quoted about it: “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

At this moment (last quarter of 2012) governments in Europe and the U.S. granted that 40 billion euro / dollars monthly is created out of thin air to keep the economy going. While everybody should know that more of the same is vaporizing the value of the existing money, OUR savings and OUR pension funds. Nobody is getting angry or mad about this robbery in plain site. In the Netherlands, the majority at the September 12th elections, voted for the same parties that robbed them! Being trained to follow orders, dump down by fluoride, aspartame, and cholesterol lowering statines, Chemtrails or worse, a whole zombie generation?

With all the big events like 9/11, the BP disaster and Fukushima to name a few. There’s no conspiracy theory there, but simple fact to be discovered at the stock exchange market who tell me something is smelling badly.

These things are happening, serving a bigger goal of the big bankers plan, shared with the happy few at the Bilderberg meeting. It’s not to create fear telling you all this. You can’t hide from it pretending you don’t want to know. I tell you all this to raise your awareness, so we can join forces and do something about it.

* If we start using whole foods again, we don’t have to be lucky to get old.
Instead we will be free of all these diseases and don’t depend on those pharmaceutical medications.

* If we start using local money and trading inside a local trade system (LETS), do we need the bankers to depended on, as we do now?

* If we stop supporting the political system as it is today and keep those responsible accountable for all the Chemtrails, H.A.A.R.P, GMO foods and more …..

Some things you can change yourself, for the bigger issues we need to join forces. The first step is getting informed, raise your awareness. It’s as simple as that.

— Henk Mutsaers

My announcement at Saulieu / Mon annonce à Saulieu

Je suis une personne normale comme toi
I am a normal person just like you

La seule difference est
The only difference is

Que moi, je vérifie tous les articles dans les journaux, radio et TV
That I check every story in de newspapers, radio and TV

Et remarque que les autres y disent sur l’internet
And see what others say about it on the internet

Je lis beaucoup de livres et regarde les documentaires sur YouTube
I read a lot of books and see a lot documentaries at YouTube

Je vois que le monde est bien différent de ce qu’EUX préfèrent de nous croire
I see the world totally different then what THEY want us to believe

Maintenant je sais que notre système monétaire est le plus grand intrigue pyramidale
Now I know that our money system is the biggest pyramid scheme ever

Maintenant je sais que nos dirigeants DEMOCRATIQUES sont que des marionettes
Now I know that our DEMOCRATIC leaders are no more then marionettes

Qui se balançent sur les cordes des banquiers aux réunions de Bilderberg
Dangling on the lines of the bankers at the Bilderberg meetings

Et le plus effrayant de tout cela est
The most shocking of all is ….

Que la cause, guérison et la prévention de toutes les maladies sont déjà connues depuis centan ans
That the cause, cure and prevention of many diseases are known for almost 100 years

Maladies comme le diabète, le coeur et le cancer,
Diseases like diabetes, hart disease and cancer

Cette chanson pourra devenir la motivation à chercher la vérité soi-même
Can this song be the motivation to start looking for the truth yourself

Le future appartient à ceux qui prennent des décisions bien réfléchies !
The future is to dose who make we’ll informed decisions!

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