Cajun & Zydeco Nieuws

Florida Cajun & Zydeco Magazine #80

Feature story is on Rosie Ledet, Zydeco’s Sweetheart: Raw and Rockin’

Other stories: The story of Floyd’s Records; Doug Kershaw and Jo-el Sonnier in Florida; Festivals Acadiens et Creoles Oct. 10-13; Louisiana Dance Clubs listings; Festival-O-Rama.

Excerpt: “As a teen, Rosie listened to rock music and wanted to become a fiction writer specializing in horror. ‘I always wanted to be Stephen King,’ she said.”

Florida Cajun and Zydeco magazine

Feature story is on Jesse Legé.

Other stories of possible interest include Doug Kershaw and Jo-el Sonnier in Florida; Mick Jagger takes in Beau Jocque at Rock’n Bowl; Cycle Zydeco 2020 in the planning stage; Louisiana Dance Clubs; Festival-O-Rama.

Excerpt: “You could be blindfolded but when you hear that voice you know damn well that’s Jesse Legé singing. He’s in rarified territory in the voice department. Deeply sonorous, freighted with emotion that channels the pains and joys of his Cajun forebears, Jesse projects his music like an old soul, all the way back to the enormously emotive Amédé Ardoin.”

Dear friends of the Nuits Cajun Festival,

Following the decision of the Saulieu City Council to stop their contribution to the Festival, we are moving to another city : Saint Sernin-du-Bois (near le Creusot, Burgundy – France) is welcoming us on Saturday 28th September (no other choice in the date for this year, as things were decided urgently…) with the strong will of the Mayor and his team to develop the festival in the future.

NUIT CAJUN 2019 : (check our flyer attached)

Their show in Saulieu 2018 proved that they now definitely belong to the short list of top rated C/Z bands in Europe : ROUGH CHOWDER (UK) will be the guest stars of the 1st St Sernin festival.

BLUE BAYOU launched the festival 26 years ago and have missed no edition since. Their solid Rocking-Creole-Funky beats are unique and always much awaited.

LE BAND DE LA MAISON is a « carte blanche » given to French accordionist Alain Gatay, who will invite on stage some of the greatest French names of Cajun music, like mythic fiddle duo Vincent Giarrusso – Charly Caugant, plus many others…

Cajun dinner (Jambalaya, cheese, brownies) will be served at 19:30. Reservation necessary at

Also, a Cajun dance workshop for beginners will take place from 15 :00 to 18 :00 (10€, reservation at ). Instructors are Sylviane Jean and Bernard Guihard.

free campsite for festival-goers (campers and tents) will be available close to the football ground with water and toilets. 5 minutes walk from the dance hall.

Information and dinner/dance workshop reservation : 

Fees :
dance only : 15€
dance + Cajun dinner : 25€
dance workshop : 10€

Lodging :
here is the link to the Le Creusot Tourism Office :
or contact them at or +33.385.550.246

The St Sernin-du-Bois dance hall is located 20 mn by taxi from the Le Creusot TGV station (high speed train from Paris gare de Lyon and Charles de Gaulle airport)

zydeco zity festival 2020

Het bestuur is bijeen geweest voor de evaluatie van Zydeco Zity 2019. De meningen waren unaniem: het was een geslaagd festival. De veranderingen hebben gebracht wat we ervan verwachtten. En als klap op de vuurpijl sluiten we af met een positief financieel resultaat. Dus hebben we meteen maar de datum geprikt voor volgend jaar: 15, 16 en 17 mei 2020.

Florida C & Z magazine Update! #78 for July 2019
is online!

Feature story is on veteran zydeco band leader Nathan Williams.

Other stories of possible interest include the Mystery Dance Venue for July, In Memoriam story on Paul ‘Lil Buck’ Sinegal, Doug Kershaw and Jo-el Sonnier in Florida, a new listing of Louisiana dance clubs, and of course my rundown on the summer’s dance festivals in “Festival-O-Rama.” This link will allow you to download a .pdf of the publication, in case that is easier to read.

Excerpt: “I wasn’t aware that Chenier had a song called ‘Zydeco Cha Cha.’ That’s just what I wanted to name my band. The name was catchy.”

Pontchartrain 2020 Festival date 29 au 31 Mai website

Gloucester Cajun and Zydeco Festival

Europe’s longest running Cajun & Zydeco festival is back for its 27th year. Featuring live performances from Sheryl & Russell Cormier (Louisiana, USA), R.Cajun & The Zydeco Brothers (UK), John Que Saute (FR), UK Zydeco ‘All-Star’ Show (UK), The Bearcats Trio (UK), Lil’ Jim – Solo (UK), Rough Chowder (UK) and Acadian Strings (UK).

But that’s not all, this year we will have special talks and performances in ‘Jim’s Lounge’ takeover the cinema stage including ‘Meet the stars’… Q&A with Sheryl & Russell Cormier and ‘UK Cajun & Zydeco Scene – Past, Present & Future’… Q&A with Chris Hall & Rees Wesson.

There will be dance workshops suitable for beginners to experts and the Swamp Rock DJ’s keeping up the energy between bands, all topped off by authentic Cajun & Creole cuisine. With a mixture of live music and dancing all day, the party atmosphere is contagious, bringing the spirit of Louisiana to Gloucester.

Full Programme times announced soon!

North Shropshire Cajun; “The Big Weekend”

With Corey Ledet and Courtney Granger 16th -18th . August
More info see the website

Florida Cajun Zydeco Update! #77 (June 2019)

Update! #77 is online!

Feature story is “Chubby Carrier’s 30-Year Dance Party.” Other stories of possible interest include the Mystery Dance Venue for May, my top 20 favorite “zyde-disco” tunes from zydeco artists, a story on Cajun boudin, and of course my rundown on the summer’s dance festivals in “Festival-O-Rama.”

This link will allow you to download a .pdf of the publication, in case that is easier to read.

Excerpt: “It’s such a unique place down to the pothole-filled road getting there. Bonfires outside in the wintertime. The fried catfish. You go inside to the stage and you always hear good music there.”

Enjoy!  Jim Hance,

Bristol Cajun & Zydeco Festival

The line-up for the the 15th Bristol Cajun & Zydeco Festival (11th to 13th October 2019) is now confirmed and the details are gradually making their way on the website! Again we’re lucky to have top bands playing a mixture of traditional and modern cajun and zydeco:

  • Fri evening: Joe Le Taxi
  • Sat afternoon: Acadian Strings
  • Sat evening: Flatville Aces
  • Sun afternoon: Cajun Roosters 3 (trio)
  • Sun evening: Double Shots

We also have jam session in the bar on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, dance workshops by Carol (zydeco) and Kay (cajun), DJs and MCs Carole (Lil’ Queenie) and Nigel (Flying Home) of Swamp Rock Club, London; jamming and a licensed bar and cafe – in short, “A whole weekend of  Louisiana-style music, dance, food, drink and meeting people!”

We’re aiming to get the tickets on sale as soon as possible but are still finalising a few details so watch out this space. There will be an email notification and the details will of course be on the website too. Any questions, check out our website 

The weekend of 24, 25 and 26 May the traditional Cajun and Zydeco Festival will take place again and weekend where young and old will enjoy themselves with music, dance and good food. With bands from all over Europe but the main act actually comes from the region and a young band that is now on our festival for the third time under the name “Vuig”. Sunday at 5 pm a preview with zydeco zity radio or the entire week on

Florida Cajun Zydeco Update! No. 76 (May 2019)

Feature story is on Cajun artist Lee Benoit, who was inducted into the Cajun Music Hall of Fame on August 15, 2014. Other stories: How to speak Cajun; Remembering Roy Carrier; Backyard Cajun Concert in Gulfport; Dikki Du returns to the Blue Rooster; Cajun Zydeco Dance in St. Pete features live music with Steven Fernand on May 7 and May 21.

Excerpt: “I’m not under contracts and I have my own studio at my house. I’m my own producer, so I can do whatever I want. Exactly what I want. The graphics, everything on the CD, I did it. It’s all mine, front to back.”

Enjoy!  Jim Hance,

This week Ton Ton Gris Gris (.fr) visited Etten Leur and Breda in the south of the Netherlands.

Florida Cajun Zydeco Update! #75, April 2019

This issue features a nice feature story on Geno Delafose and French Rockin’ Boogie. A new feature, Where Is This?, can be found on page 6. See if you can identify this Florida dance venue.

Florida Cajun Zydeco Update! is published monthly, and each issue features a story on a popular Cajun or zydeco band. archives of all issues can be found at

Note: the button above links to the online document that is supposed to present the information in an optimal format for viewing on your device. However, you can also download the document as a .pdf if that is easier for you to read and navigate.

See you on the dance floor. Jim Hance, Editor and Publisher

Heb jij nieuws? Deel het dan via ZydecoZity Radio. Onthoudt, samen maken wij de muziek populair en niet iedereen zit op facebook of MeWe. Do you have any news? Then share it via ZydecoZity Radio. Avez-vous des nouvelles? Puis partagez-le via ZydecoZity Radio.

Published on Feb 1, 2019  

On Tuesday, Feb. 5 we have our first Cajun Zydeco Dance of the month at Caddy’s in St. Pete. The music will include selections from five nominees for Zydeco Album of the Year by Offbeat Magazine: Chubby Carrier’s Black Pot, Horace Trahan’s Until The End, Keith Frank’s Return of the King, Sean Ardoin’s Kreole Rock and Soul; and Leon Chavis’ This All I Know. Leon is our cover artist this month. And I should have my T-shirt from Sean Ardoin before Tuesday, so I’ll be wearing it. Our cover story on Leon Chavis and the Zydeco Flames. Leon is the great-great nephew of Boozoo Chavis. Here is an excerpt: “Fast forward to 2019, and Leon Chavis and the Zydeco Flames is one of the best zydeco bands in the business. In fact, the band just received the ZBT Band of the Year Award from the Houston organization, Zydeco Blues Trailsides. And, his latest album, This All I Know, made the list of top five albums by the editors of Offbeat Magazine for zydeco album of the year.”

Clap de fin pour les Nuits Cajun de Saulieu

Il n’y aura pas de Nuits Cajun à Saulieu cette année. C’est ce qu’a décidé l’Office municipal de la culture, après une édition 2018 qui n’a pas remporté le succès escompté. | Er zullen dit jaar geen Cajun-avonden in Saulieu zijn. Dit is wat het Municipal Office of Culture besloot, na een editie van 2018 die niet het verwachte succes had gegeven.

Is het de laatste editie voor de Cajun-nights van Saulieu, dit internationale festival van Cajun en Zydeco-muziek, dat al meer dan 25 jaar duizenden mensen in de stad aantrekt? Misschien omdat het lijkt alsof dit festival op stoom komt door de financiële moeilijkheden die zich voordoen, maar ook door de vermoeidheid van de vrijwilligers. De rest van het artikel is voor betalende abonnees

Florida Cajun Zydeco Update! No. 72, January 2019

January 8 Cajun Zydeco Dance in St. Pete will celebrate the DJ’s birthday. FEATURE STORY this issue is “More! More! More Stories and Reviews of Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys! Over the past 30 years, Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys has been the hottest and most creative of Louisiana Cajun bands since its founding in 1988. With 14 albums produced to date, every one is a gem worth owning. Two typefaces that were released the same year the Mamou Playboys were formed are featured: Rotis and Avenir. Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band is touring Florida in January 2019. Festival-O-Rama resumes for 2019 festivals across the United States. Excerpt: A native of Mamou, and cousin to accordion player and builder Marc Savoy, Steve Riley became a protégé of Dewey Balfa’s when he was only 15, learning to play the Balfa Brothers and Marc Savoy’s driving, intricate style.

Florida Cajun and Zydeco No 71 Feature this issue: “Rockin’ with Wilson Savoy”

Everyone in his family is a musician. His father is also a famous Cajun accordion builder. His mother is a noted author. His brother owns a record label. It probably never occurred to Wilson Savoy that he could just be a musician. This article covers how Wilson Savoy came to organize the Pine Leaf Boys band (with lots of great photos by David Simpson), and some of the projects he has undertaken following his other passion, building stuff out of wood.

Published on Nov 3, 2018  

Features twice-monthly dances in St. Pete on Nov. 6 and Nov. 20; “On The One,” story on Horace Trahan and the New Ossun Express; Mojo and the Bayou Gypsies, a band that performs mostly in theaters in New Orleans and tours the midwest; Festival-O-Rama; and Swing Dance featuring Cajun band Tom Rigney and Flambeau on Friday, Nov. 17 at the Suncoast Jazz Festival in Clearwater Beach. Excerpt: “In 2013, Horace Trahan came out with By Special Request that includes one song that has to be considered one of the most exuberant and contagious zydeco dance tunes ever written. Hearing that tune, “On The One (Love to Zydeco),” made me stand up and say, wow!”


We have also booked the fabulous Folk House for the 2019 festival – it  will be the 2nd weekend of October again and the actual dates are 11th to 13th October. Great news, eh? Please feel free to share that far and wide and most importantly, put them in your diary! It will be our 15th year!


We are really sorry to bring you the news that next year’s Yorkshire Cajun & Zydeco Festival has had to be cancelled. As most of you know The Milton Rooms had agreed to take over the running of the Festival from 2019. However, a number of factors have been at play resulting in the Board of the Milton Rooms coming to this decision at their meeting on Friday 21 October 2018: ‘With everything else that we’re having to deal with both practically and financially right now we really can’t commit to this for next year. I know that will be disappointing for supporters but we’ve by no means ruled it out for 2020 and we’re happy to discuss this anytime.’
We will will continue to talk to The Milton Rooms over the coming months and no doubt if you wish to express your views to them ( on how much coming to Malton means to you, it wouldn’t do any harm! Let’s hope that 2020 will see a resurgence and this much loved Festival will not be lost for good.
Glyn Roberts
Yorkshire Cajun

Florida Cajun Zydeco Update! #69 — October 2018  

Published on Sep 30, 2018  

Features twice-monthly dances in St. Pete on Oct. 2 and Oct. 16; two reviews of Curley Taylor CDs; Festivals Acadians et Creoles in Lafayette, Louisiana Oct. 11-14; Festival-O-Rama listings on Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival, Festivals Acadians et Creoles, Suwannee Roots Revival; South Louisiana Blackpot Festival and Cookoff; Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival; Halifax Art Festival, Riverhawk Music Festival, Cracklin Festival, and Suncoast Jazz Festival featuring Tom Rigney; Halloween Zydeco Party in Tallahassee with JB’s Zydeco Zoo; and Carolina Gator Gumbo performing in Atlanta on Oct. 7

Florida Cajun Zydeco Update! No. 68 | September 2018 
Published on Aug 31, 2018
Feature story on Bonsoir, Catin, a powerhouse Cajun band of women. “When we play here in Louisiana, everybody’s dancing.” Also, a barber who is in the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame, the parallels of Acadian’s flight from Nova Scotia in the 1760s and present day refugees, Festival-O-Rama, and Halloween party at BBC featuring JB’s Zydeco Zoo. Excerpt: According to Perrin, “Acadians are generous people who truly understand what it means to be at the mercy of the rest of humanity.”

Published on Jul 23, 2018  

Feature stories on Lynn August, musician blind since birth yet made his mark on zydeco; and the Grand Re-Opening of the Bradfordville Blues Club in Tallahassee. Dikki Du and the Zydeco Krewe return to Tampa’s Skipper’s Smokehouse on Friday, August 3. Festival-O-Rama features listings for the most popular festivals in August, September and October. And Louisiana Seafood Fests writeup by Join us in downtown St. Petersburg on Tuesday, August 7 and August 21 for dancing to some of the best Cajun and zydeco music recorded. Excerpt: “A blind person’s worst enemies are the people who’ll baby you. You won’t learn to take care of yourself. You never learn to be nothing.” — Lynn August

Een documentair project over de Cajun-rockband The Lost Bayou Ramblers is bekroond met de Franse Culture Film Grant van het industrie-initiatief #CreateLouisiana en het televisienetwerk TV5 Monde.

“Op va continuer!” (We gaan door!). Deze woorden besluiten elk concert gespeeld door The Lost Bayou Ramblers. Het geluid van zijn instrument resoneert nog steeds wanneer Louis Michot, de violist en de zanger van de band, zijn boodschap van hoop aan de menigte geeft. “Cajun-cultuur en muziek zijn niet dood. We gaan door! ” read on ….

Bristol Cajun & Zydeco Festival

The 14th Bristol Cajun & Zydeco Festival

12th to 14th October 2018

A whole weekend of Louisiana-style music, dance food, drink meeting new people and having a good time!

Again we’re lucky to have top bands playing a mixture of traditional
and modern cajun and zydeco:

Fri evening: Bearcats
Sat afternoon: Pon Bro
Sat evening: Po’ Boys
Sun afternoon: Bayou Tapestry
Sun afternoon slightly later: Lil’ Jim & Hazel Scott
Sun evening: Zydeco Diamonds

We also have jam session in the bar on Saturday afternoon, dance
workshops by Carol (zydeco, Saturday only) and Dennis & Liz (cajun),
DJs and MCs Carole (Lil’ Queenie) and Nigel (Flying Home) of Swamp Rock
Club, London; jamming and a licensed bar and cafe – in short, “A whole
weekend of Louisiana-style music, dance, food, drink and meeting

Programm and booking details as well as further info is making it’s way to our website at

Yorkshire Festival News: To all our supporters – past, present and future 

We are pleased to be able to tell you that from next year the Yorkshire Cajun Festival is to be run directly by our fabulous venue for the past 7 years – THE MILTON ROOMS. The dates are confirmed as 15-17 March 2019.

 The small Yorkshire Cajun Committee of John, Anne, Olga and myself felt unable to continue with the Festival in it’s present form mainly following John’s radical change of circumstances which would drastically limit the time he has available. Other commitments and (in my case) advancing years have also been factors. We shall be advising The Milton Rooms on bands to book etc.

I would like to assure everyone that we have remained financially sound throughout and we wish to thank all supporters of the Festival, all those who have offered and given help, our incredible Cajun Kitchen Krewe, the Milton Rooms for all their support and for agreeing to take over organisation of the Festival. Please continue to support them to keep this great Festival going. Jeremy Powell has told us he is prepared to continue to provide the sound – thanks Jeremy, great job! Finally I want to specifically mention the enormous contribution of John Adamson. As the main Festival organiser, John has booked all the bands, arranged their accommodation, dealt with all the finances and masterminded the decoration of the hall  amogst many other things. 

Lastly, we shall not be passing our mailing list to the Milton Rooms so you will need to be on their list. Here is a link to the dedicated Festival page where you will be able to subscribe to receive Festival information in future :-

Cajun Festival 2019 « The Milton Rooms

15-17 March 2019. The Milton Rooms management is pleased to announce that it has agreed to take over the running of the 8th Cajun and Zydeco Festival in 2019 and all information will be made available via this section of the Milton Rooms website. We look forward to seeing you in Malton next year when of course you will see a lot more of us on the dance floor as we will have Cajun/Zydeco festival on our doorstep!

With Best Wishes , Glyn Roberts (Chair) and all at Yorkshire Cajun 

Deze maand juni stonden we in het prachtig vormgegeven Florida Cajun & Zydeco Magazine #66 met : Florida Cajun Zydeco Update! No. 66 for July 2018 includes the feature story on T-Broussard, band leader of the Zydeco Steppers. Also in this issue: The Reading Edge, how the newspaper typeface Poynter Text got its start in St. Petersburg, FL; ZydecoZity, the Dutch radio program, interviews Gary Hayman; zydeco evangelist Gary Hayman has also been an outstanding marksman, an expert skier, and a professional hypnotist for 18 years; and the Suwannee Roots Revival signs on more artists to the October festival in northern Florida. En dat allemaal naar aanleiding van het interview met Gary Hayman vorige maand. Lees het magazine online 

Last weeks Zydeco Mystery Song Mailing Lists, and the week before, have been quite UNIQUE so I thought I would like to bring your attention to them.

Frog Legs ] was the oldest (1967) recording that I have featured on the ZMS mailings
Zydeco Wiggle [ ] was perhaps the newest (this year) recording that I have featured,

Frog Legs was extracted from an early technology recording – a 45 rpm record, while Zydeco Wiggle was from a more modern digital download Both had something in common, they weren’t part of an album but were offered as single recordings. Chances are, before my mailings, you have never heard either (the originals) before.  If you missed hearing them, click the links on my original emails or the above links and give them a long or short listen. Gary Hayman

zydecozity 2019

The ZydecoZity Festival dates for 2019

Contest to honor 100-year-old fiddler, veteran
The Wilie Durisseau First Annual Fiddle contest is set for June 29-30 at the historic Hotel Cazan in Mamou. The contest is open to all styles, including Creole, Celtic, Cajun, zydeco, classical, mariachi, bluegrass and conjunto. read more

Fans remember Vin Bruce, Nolan Dugas
Cajun music fans are mourning the loss of two legends who passed away last weekend. Ervin “Vin” Bruce, one of the first Cajun musicians to perform at the Louisiana Hayride and Grand Ole Opry, died Friday in his hometown of Cut Off. Nolan Dugas, known for the Cajun classic, “Wait Until I Finish Crying,” died Saturday. Dugas, 81, also played and recorded with the Cajun supergroup, High Performance. Read more

05-07-2018 Dorpsplein in Ulvenhout optreden Laroux
12-07-2018 Homesick and the Louisiana Men
Jammer dat we nergens de aanvangstijd kunnen vinden (Facebook)

Zydeco La Louisiana14-06-2018  Onlangs met het interview over de her opstart van het Ameland Festival werd het duidelijk dat we weer een nieuwe zydeco band hebben met aan het roer oudgediende Peter Mul.

Zydeco La Louisiane is een ‘Zydeco Power Trio’ met Bill Honing op Drums, Peter Kummer op Bas en Peter Mul op Accordeon. De naam van de band verwijst enerzijds naar de stijl van de muziek, en anderzijds naar de unieke cultuur van de staat Louisiana met zijn Franstalige wortels.

Een optreden van Zydeco La Louisiane is een reis door de geschiedenis van de Zydeco en een hommage aan de muzikale helden van de band zoals Buckwheat Zydeco, C.J. Chenier en Chubby Carrier. Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulez! [Facebook]

Hieronder al een klein opwarmertje:

03-06-2018: Festival datums. Het 14 de Bristol Cajun & Zydeco festival gaat plaatsvinden van 12 tot 14 oktober 2018. De datum voor het Yorkshire festival voor 2019 is inmiddels ook al bekend gemaakt 15 tot 17 Maart. Iets dichterbij is een Cajun festival eind deze maand in Boissy-Maugis (61) een lokatie die je vindt in de driehoek Parijs, Le Mans – Orleans  Op dezelfde datum hebben wij op Ameland de herstart van Zydeco At Sea

02-06-2018: Een van de mooiste Cajun en Zydeco nieuwsbrieven komt uit Florida. De meest recente editie vindt je hier: Florida Cajun Zydeco Update! #65 June 2018

Feature story is Chris Ardoin: Storied past. Bright future. Story mentions Creole musicians in the Ardoin family: Amede Ardoin, Alphonse Bois Sec Ardoin, Milton Ardoin, Lawrence “Black” Ardoin, Sean Ardoin, Morris Ardoin, Russell Ardoin, Ronald Ardoin, Dexter Ardoin, Marcus Ardoin. Festival-O-Rama festivals occurring in June, July and August. Atlanta Cajun Zydeco Association Dance will be Roux du Bayou Cajun Band on June 16. Cajun Zydeco Dance in St. Pete is June 5 and June 19. Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown will feature Louisiana cuisine on Father’s Day, Sunday June 17. Willis Prudhomme Living Legend CD in 2006 was produced by Chris Ardoin.

28-05-2018:  Tijdens het Festival van ZydecoZity liepen we tegen Peter Mul aan. De recorder lag aan de mengtafel dus tijd voor een interview was er niet. Peter vertelde dat hij met een nieuwe band bezig was; “Zydeco La Louisiana”. De try-out had reeds plaatsgevonden en de eerste twee optredens stonden al gepland eind juni op Zydeco At Sea op Ameland.

Een optreden van Zydeco La Louisiane is een reis door de geschiedenis van de Zydeco en een hommage aan de muzikale helden van de band zoals Buckwheat Zydeco, C.J. Chenier en Chubby Carrier.

28-05-2018: Op het festival kwam ik ookWim Kwaku Yeboah tegen. Hij is door Sam Murray meegezogen in de zydeco en was al vele malen te zien bij de ZydegoNutz als gastspeler op het wasbord. Wim vertelde een zydecoband te willen beginnen. Hij zoekt nog iemand op accordeon.

De nieuwe samenstelling van de River Zydeco Band in 2019

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