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Als Deejay weet ik het als geen ander, het medium CD is al jaren verleden tijd. Bij mijn drive in show is de CD speler al jaren ongebruikt. Bij de radio wordt ook uitsluitend gebruik gemaakt van de computer. Op media als Spotify worden nog virtuele albums gemaakt maar je kan evengoed elke track afzonderlijk uitbrengen wanneer deze klaar is. Lijkt me een leuk promotie experiment. – HM

CD La Recolte — Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes

Often it’s difficult to criticize Cajun albums because it’s usually retained the old traditional style. But sometimes it’s most interresting to discover new dimensions in this music, and on this album I’ll find it. Several beautiful vocals are accompanied by the traditional sound from accordeon, fiddle and guitar mated to the solid background of bass and drums. This is what makes this album so special. It proves that the Cajun music is contemporary and it can be made accessible to the general public. I respect a band like “La Recolte” because they, after only 1 year playing together, play this kind of music so well. It’s definitely worth to buy this album because it’s easy to listen to and, very important, it’s beautiful. ZYDECOPIET

Website: La Recolte Band

CD Ernest James Zydeco — 3 Steps From La La

The first new zydeco-album I recieved in 2013 and it’s already my favorit. The 3th album of this fantastic zydecoplayer includes mainly own songs (on 1 traditional after) and are truly phenomenal. The whole contains a sound that we hardly hear in Europe. Starting with some up tempo songs, EJ brings us in a world of completely new Zydeco where the old style is not forgotten. Remarkable are also the bluessongs, with the song “Zydeco mother’s day” far above jumps. A song thats also stands out is “Pearly pearl”. A collaboration with the female fiddle player Betsie Ellis. But the most notable is the last track “Glory glory”. A traditional gospelsong performed on a beautiful and dignified way. If you buy this album, you will have a daimond in your Zydeco collection. Hopefully we will hear more in the future. ZYDECOPIET

Ernest James Zydeco — 3 steps from la la…. Nederlands// English… Geweldig zalige cd vol variatie met o.a. Zydeco, Cajun Ambiance, Rock-Slow-Ballade, Slow met standing, vettige blues, easy two step, gospel en ook hoor je JJ CALE & Ry Cooder invloeden…. We gooien uiteraard ook bloemen naar zijn band en vooral ook naar zijn Washboard speller Barry Barnes die een extra duwtje geeft tijdens de live optredens…. Ernest & Barry zijn ook grootmeesters in muziek (straat spelen ( buskin enz… ) Deze heren zijn zo goed dat er verder alleen maar de loftrompet kan gezwaaid worden… super goede cd die gerust mag aangeschaft worden … 11 liedjes met hart en ziel samengebracht op 1 album…. Was  geschreven door Ludo uit België
ENGLISH — Ernest James Zydeco — 3 steps from la la …. Great Blessed CD full of variety with Zydeco, Cajun Ambiance, Rock-Ballad Slow, Slow-class, greasy blues, easy two step, gospel and even hear JJ CALE & Ry Cooder influences …. Of course we also throw flowers to his band and especially to his washboard player Barry Barnes giving an extra push during live performances …. Ernest & Barry are also masters in music (street plays (buskin etc …) These guys are so good that only the praise can be swung … super good CD that confidence may be purchased … 11 songs with heart and soul together in one further album …. Was written by LUDO from Belgium …

Website: MySpace

Making Believe T Monde


Normally people will say “Another Cajun Band”, but this time it is not. Three talented musicians store their hands and creating a trio that a Cajun sound drop that is almost iperfect. In a relatively short time they make this album and the result is amazing. The strong cooperation between accordion and fiddle, supported by the tight guitarsound guarantee in all numbers that gliding past. Whether it’s a two step or a waltz, the sound remains constant and powerful. What I also like are the vocal parts. The order of the songs are chosen such that the vocals alternating and easy to listen to. With this album T-Monde makes clear that Cajun music still has plenty of possibilities, an old musical style in a refreshing new jacket. I hope to hear a lot of them and like to see them once in Europe because , in my opinion, they are the future of the Cajun music. ZYDECOPIET website T Monde


The fourth album from this band who won 2 CMFA Awards. It starts with a fresh number “Frisson two-step” wich also had an Award, and when I hear this song, then I know why. Featuring on this album is the amazing voice of Randy Vidrine. In “B.O.sparkle waltz” he does a serious attack on his voice, making it a status that would not be out of place in the old cajun past. Another highlight on this album is “T’en a eu,t’en auras plus”. In my opinion it reminds me on,what they called, a tongue-twister,but then in a new fresh modern way. But also the other numbers are great and well chosen. They are danceable and easy to hear, typically as one like it belongs in Europe. In addition of making music, the band shows on this album alson their human side. That proves the number “John Stoute’s medley”, a tribute to one of their most loyal and best fan. The more I listen to this album, the more I want to see them live. I will call on all the orginazers in Europe, let my dream come true en get them here, because now I know why they are the winners of the CMFA Awards,it’s because the deserve it !!!!! — ZYDECOPIET

Corey Ledet, Nothin’ But The Best

Being awarded, as the best outside of Europe Zydeco Band, is an honor witch may rice the expectations when a new album has seen the light of day. It’s already the 6th album that Corey made and …. it’s living up to my expectations. Can’t wait to have the songs tested on the dance floor because that’s where they are made for. – Henk Mutsaers

Colin and the Crawfish

Bite Size

Colin and the Crawfish — Bite Size.

The new band from Phil Underwood is starting to get a name for it self. Rapidly we have seen them show-up at international festivals. What was missing was an album to enjoy that first impression over and over again. Bite Size has changed all that; a mix from traditionals and their own compositions were Folk influences meet Cajun. The album was recorded in one weekend; what you see (here) is what you get. The only way to work this way and come up with a good result is, you have to be a professional well-oiled machine were the word machine has to be changed to passion for the music and culture. I like it, for you to discover if you like it too. — Henk Mutsaers Facebook


Cajun Roosters & Friends transatlantic sessions

Cajun Roosters and Friends – Transatlantic Sessions

Michael Bentele made his dream come thru by recording 14 tracks with artist like Steve Riley, Lafayette Rythm Devils, Sarah Savoy, Corey Ledet, Dwayne Dopsie, Cedric Watson, Yvette Landry and the Cajun Roosters. Finely, after 2,5 years it’s there: Cajun Roosters and Friends Transatlantic Sessions. The tracks were recorded in Germany in Munich, Offenbach, Oberursel, Bröleck, Bochum and Cologne, in Derby (UK), Paris (F) and Ouwerkerk / Netherlands between July 2009 and August 2011. It’s hard to choise your favorite (but the Steve Riley tracks are wonderful) — Henk Mutsaers
Website Cajun Roosters

Whiskey River (UK) CD Hot Sauce

Whiskey River is a band who likes to party. With this album however they got their inspiration not on the full licensed bar but at the salad bar. The name they came up with for the album is ‘hot sauce’. Some of the songs have never been cajun / zydeco flavored so the hot sauce seems like a miracle. Great sing alongs, pop classics and traditionals to listen, dance and yes drink on. Great work guys. One of the most played albums on my car set. – Henk Mutsaers


Swamp CD Mes Amis

Album Mes Amis Swamp


RIVER ZYDECO BANDFinnaly, after all those months of waiting, here it is, the fifth album of the River Zydeco Band. Expectations were high, but the result is marvellous. A high quality album with 14 songs as only this band can play. The coorporation with fiddler Curtis Cobello is beautiful as you can hear. But also the choice of the friends they play with, it makes this album the absolutely top. I only hear highlights on this album, from very well adapted traditionals till good covers from the young American Zydecoscene. The most important song is “When a Cajun man gets the blues”, the title song of the album. The strong raw bluesvoice from Will de Wijs in combination with the beautiful dobro from Peter Rasenberg brings you really to the swamps in Louisiana. Also the re-recording “Madame Coco Bo”, a nice waltz, is a very good choice. The “Lemonade Song” gives this band an important place in,what we called, the dim area named Zydecajun. I really can’t say witch song it’s my favorite, they are all. I hope everybody buys this cd, because this is the exact example how we should make Zydeco in Europe. River Zydeco Band, congratulations with this beautiful
product, you can be proud of it !!!!!!! ZYDECOPIET River Zydeco Band
CD La Porte Zydeco Annie
Zydeco Annie and the Swamp Cats

CD Horance Trahan Keep Walking

Horace Trahan & the Ossun Express – Keep Walking

If you go to the bands website they play a selection of the songs of the new album: Keep Walking. Why don’t you judge for yourself ans tell us what YOU think. I like it … but who I’m I? – Henk Mutsaers


Cajun Roosters – CD Okra and the pepper

If their is a band that should win an award of promoting the Cajun and Zydeco in Europe, Roosters should win it! That’s why we had to wait so long on the new album. For those who seen the band on stage, some of the songs were no surprice. Great album – Henk Mutsaers


Lil Jims Big Squeeze

The new generation of Cajun and Zydeco musicians show up in Holland, France and the UK. Be aware the dancefloor is not yours anymore. The young generation is claiming their spot! – Henk Mutsaers
Lil Jim at MySpace

DD Corey Ledet Do you want more


The year 2011 just started and we were already kindly suprised by a brand new amazing album. This album prooves that Corey is one of the champions of the new generation of Zydeco. Starting strong with one of his own songs “going back home” (but there are more own songs on the album),then doing a very nice version of Sidney Simien’s “Toot toot”. Very tricky is number 3 and 7 “Öh yaille”,wich is twice on it (a normal and an old school version). Öne of my favorite numbers is “My soul”, an up tempo song with hi energy. Corey gave also a brand new refreshing touch on the original “Johnny can’t dance”and Clifton’s “Pick a bale”. Another beauty is “Zydeco cha cha”, witch reminds me on a crossbred between “diggy liggy lo”and “corps solide”. In one line, this album is beautiful, if I have to give stars, then for me it’s 5 stars on 5. The last track is also the name of the album, Corey asks “do you want more” .My answer is, please Corey, go on with your job, because WE WANT MORE !!!!! ZydecoPiet

CD Vermilionaire Lost Bayou Ramblers

Lost Bayou Ramblers – Vermilionaire

Being a zydeco fan, I never had so much fun at a festival with so much Cajun music like in Pontchartrain France. Especially with you, Lost Bayou Ramblers guys. You sure know how to make Cajun music rocks! Being the younger generation Cajun musicians you have the option attracting new people to the music. — Henk Mutsaers

Bayou Alligators Album Why Not 2010

Bayou Alligators – Why Not

Last year during the festival at Zydeco Zity I had the honor getting to know the Bayou Alligators a little bit better. While the music inside the big barn tempted me to join the crowed on the dance floor I was outside listening to the amazing and enthusiast story about there 10.000 miles project ‘soon’ to be finished. You can, as a musician, choose to do a makeover of a traditional song, but have it all your own way and write all your songs yourself that’s a complete other story! It takes time for the audience to get to know you, to fell in love with the music. The other side of the coin is, when they do, you will have new fans eager to promote your band. Over the past year we seen many great albums in the European Cajun and Zydeco seen, for me this one “Why Not” tops it all. Put me on your fan list guys. Energetic songs like, “I need a woman”,  “Little Stevies shuffle”, “Louisiana style” and more, it’s hard to choose a favorite. “I can’t stop loving you”, makes a beautiful day listening to your songs. Frank has a great voice fitting perfectly into the music. My advice; “Let the music get into you!” – Henk Mutsaers

In the Seventies, a disco band named “KC & the Sunshineband” wrote a number called “That’s the way I like it”. Now this text applied to me for this album. This band experimented with various musicians from different countries and styles with the Zydeco and it is wonderfully well done. It’s a journey through music styles like Country, Party music, Rock & Roll, Blues, Jazz and even Gospel. A special compliment to the band because all songs written by themselfs. With this album they created a new sound what I called NEW ZYDECO, and it is not even made in Louisiana but here in Europe. I’ve enjoyed it and I hope that the Bayou Alligators continue on this path because they really KEEP THE ZYDECO ALIVE. By the way, after the last number,l eave the CD sitting in the CD player. It’s worth.And after that,… play it again.- ZYDECOPIET

Bayou Alligators

CD Homesick from a broken heart

Homesick CD From a broken heart

Website Homesick

CD Marc & the Boiled Crawfish

CD: Mudbug Business ~ Marc & the Boiled Crawfish

In Saulieu this year (2009) I’ve met Marc and ‘Mimi’ from Marc & Boiled Crawfish out Switzerland. Introduced by Michael Bentele (Cajun Roosters) I met these nice folks who could talk with sincere enthusiasm about their passion; Cajun & Zydeco music. Now a few months later I received their brand new album: Mudbug Business. Oh Mom, Quoi Faire, That Bud Thing, Nobody Else But You, Nonc Adam (great dance groove), Lonely Waltz, Johnnie Billy Goat (my favorite at the moment), Joe Pitre, Chicken Run, Chicken on the Run, Chère Bébê (my second best), and finally C’est Pas La Peine Brailler.

The album sounds great and I can’t wait to hear them performing live and dance to the music. – Henk Mutsaers

Pete Contine Band Oh B City

Pete Contino Band CD Oh, “B” City

November 2009 we met the Las Vegas based Pete Contino band in Germany. Hearing perform Pete for the first time at Soest I didn’t know what to think. Most songs were a little to fast to dance the zydeco. Talking with Pete about it, the message was clear and with a little understanding they gave a steaming performance the next night at Baasem! At the same location Pete made clear the other day at the jam session with Cedric Watson, he know his thing. Now a few months later some of the songs of the album ‘Oh, “B” City’ are played very often at my program. ‘Cat’n with the Catman’, ‘I got to ask’, and off course ‘Zydeco train’. – Henk Mutsaers

Pete Contino Myspace

CD Cedric Watson

Cedric Watson & Bijou Creole CD

I think you have a different look at an artist and the music they play if you seen them perform live. And if, in my case, you witnessed such a tremendous show like they gave at Baasem (Germany) you not only hear the songs but you also relive the memories of that night. The album is the best of both worlds in Cajun and Zydeco mixed together. Everybody who’s often listening to Zydeco Zity radio knows I’m a Zydeco fan more than the Cajun. But, step-by-step I get the feeling of the Cajun as well, and Cedric and his band Bijou Creole added some of that feel. So it’s clear that a especially fell in love with ‘Zydeco Du Violon”. — Henk Mutsaers

Cedric Watson

CD: Taste of Louisiana ~ Arve Hålland Cajun Gumbo

From almost all the cd’s that you hear over one year, there is always a cd that you think “wow, this is the best till now”. So this is one of them. The third cd from this sympathetic band from Norway is really a beauty.

12 Tracks, all written bij Arve Haland, make this cd you breathless flipped in one time. But also the only cover on it, J’aimerais te pardonner from Dewey Balfa,is played proffesional. Alongside the regular band, with (off course) the lovely Elsebeth Krogh, is also heard as a special guest on the cd. Al Bernard. His cooperation, and also the use of the steel guitar, played by Bjorn Tore Aasheim, gives this cd an American touch.

The finishing touch is the last number on this cd, baby accordion two step, wich is inspired by Ray Abshire’s Dance hall special, and played on a toy accordion by Arve. This is, what I call magic.
Shortly: Every Cajun and Zydeco lover must have this cd in his collection. The band deserves it.
I am looking forward to cd number 4. ZYDECOPIET

Corey Ledet A matter of time

Corey Ledet CD A matter of time

Good solid songs that will rock the house. Interviewing Corey you get the Yes and No type of answers. Not a man of many words. That is, till he gets on stage and he lets the music do the talking. The album is almost a one-man band achievement. You’ll find it all on the album from steaming zydeco to Cajun, waltz and blues. Wanna Dance, Mess Around, Burning Love and Promise me one thing are on the top of my list. It’s just a matter of time, before everybody starts moving! – Henk Mutsaers

Corey Ledet myspace

CD: Havin’ a good time ~ ZydeGoNutz

If you like Zydeco and Blues then here is what you’re looking for. The first album from this brand new Dutch / English band is full of beautiful Rock & Blues covers, played on a very relax way, but te band is also not afraid playing some Folk and Funkmusic. The cooperation between the accordion and the bluesharp is perfect, put the voice from Sam Murray on it and you have a nice mix of raw Rock & Blues with a fine Zydeco sauce. The number construction on this album makes it easy to listen to it, when you start listen, you have to finsih it. I think that this band has a lot of spirit and we gonna hear more about them in the future (I hope) At last, if you heard this cd, then visit one of their live shows, they are great. ZYDECOPIET

CD: Going to the Zydeco ~ Dr. Zog

If there is a category of party-zydeco than this album must be on number one. It’s really party music. I think that the zydeco dancers are very pleased with it. (Henk likes it too) Different styles passed through and that makes this album so interesting. A tribute to the song “Cajun friends” where Dr.Zog discribes famous artist. But my most favourite song is “Mardi grass second line”. For me this is a tribute to the great Frank Zappa, at least it seems. So if you have a zydeco party, and you want to dance, buy this cd, because you certainly can’t without it. Enjoy it, like we did. – ZYDECOPIET

CD Dwane Dopsie Up in flames
CD: Up in Flames ~ Dwayne Dopsie
and the Zydeco Hellraisers 

It is difficult to be a son of a famous musician, because you have to prove yourself. But Dwayne Dopsie did it. After his album “Travelin’ man” he made a new album were he proudly carries the name of his father Rockin Dopsie. As a steaming fast train, the music comes to you. The beautiful sound of his accordion is played on a very proffessional way, and it go fast. Faster that I never heard before. Very nice is the number in the middle of the album “I’m a fool for you”, a bluesy zydecosound wich I like the most. Also “chapeau” for the rubboardplayer Alex MacDonald, who gives the numbers the energie they need. A new zydeco generation is here, I’m sure. – ZYDECOPIET

Cd Zydeco Annie & the Swamp Cats

CD: Clearly ~ Zydeco Annie & the Swamp Cats

In the year 2006 they came for the first time on the stage at the Raamsdonksveer Cajun & Zydecofestival. Now 3 years later Zydeco Annie is almost on the top of the European zydeco scene. They won many prices all over Europe and the reactions were exellent. After their first album “zydeco groove”, here is the second one. The cd starts with the names of the members and then you hear a lot of happy zydeco. Many covers played on a strange way, but it’s amazing to here this. Numbers like Ï can see clearly now”, “Hey good looking”, “Your cheating heart’ and “Great balls of fire” have undergone a total metamorfose. What new was for me was the use of a flute in the music. It was nice to hear. In an interview with Annie this year, I ask her “what’s the limit”. She told me that she loves to go to America, to spread out their zydeco sound. I hope they gonna make it, because they deserve it. – ZYDECOPIET

CD Cajun Roosters
CD: Double Shot ~ Cajun Roosters

Put some politicans from different country’s together and mostly nothing happens, but this is not the case with musicians. That proves this international band (England, Germany, Holland). After their first album “Crank it up” they did a site project with an album of acoustic traditional cajun/Creole music, but luckely they are back with full occupancy. Nice old songs and traditionals where a major rol is for the fiddler Helmut Hegewold. Strange (but nice) is the title song of this album “Double shot”. A number, composed by Chris Hall, is a welcome breath on this album. Also nice is the return of the voice from the lovely Hazel Scott on Chere joues roses and Wild side of life. I heard that this band is already doing a new project, so you see, the band Cajun Roosters is just like New York, it never sleeps. – ZYDECOPIET

CD Sarah Savoy Chez Savoy

CD: Chez Savoy ~ Sarah Savoy & the Francadians

As the daughter of Mark and Ann Savoy, it is not strange that Sarah is playing the cajun music. But she plays it on her own way. After the first album “Off the honky tonk”, this album is a worthy successor. The strong voice of Sarah is evident on almost every number. The arrangements, written by herself together with accodion player David Rolland, are fresh and gives a new impuls on the cajun music. Casual up tempo numbers alternate with waltzes and some instrumentals with a quality that you say “ÿes, this is it”. Because Sarah is also a very good cajun cook, it reminds me to the following question “what is heaven on earth”. Well,an evening on a veranda in the swamp, a good meal and this music, played by these wonderful musicians. – ZYDECOPIET

Sarah Savoy & the Francadians MySpace

CD Bayou Sweden

CD: Hot Songs You Feed Your Gator ~ Bayou

Another band from Scandinavian is coming on the horizon. This time from Sweden. I met them at the Zydecofestival in Raamsdonksveer this year (2009). The first peformence in the house of Blues wasn’t so good, but after that on the main stage they were really fantastic, and so is also this cd. If I must give an opinion of this cd in one line then it is “Fais do do” because that what it is. It starts with my favourite Status Quo number “Fine fine fine”, and than it’s all party what’s going on. Your gonna have a very happy feeling when you hear this cd. On the end there is a very good Rock & Roll version of “Get your hands off of it”. But the most spectaculair thing on this cd is a acoustic version, only on guitar, from “Ällons a Lafayette” which it’s not on the cover. So if you like Fais do do and happy Cajun-Zydeco dancing ,this is it. – ZYDECOPIET

CD Ma Cajun Allumee

CD: MaCajun ~ Allumée

Even if you don’t like Cajun music, you must hear this cd. Macajun plays on their thirth cd the Cajun music on a way everybody can understand. Airy know songs are passing by on this cd. The cooperation between the accordion from Klaus Haettich and the fiddle from Dieter Kraatz is great. But also the rest of the band are real followers. Started with of La chandelle est allumee (my favourit cajun song). After this number a list of populair traditional Cajun songs all by their own arrangements. With this cd I have the same feeling as I have with Zydecomusic. I can’t sit still on it. So if you don’t love Cajun music, listen first to this cd and I guarantee you,you gonna love it

CD Zydeco all night

CD: Zydeco All Night ~ Zydecosis

If you didn’t grow up with Cajun and Zydeco music like me, it takes some time to fall in love with the music. For those outside Louisiana it’s more a niche market. That’s why I love it when a band puts one or two cover songs on their album. Meaning, a traditional pop song with a strong Cajun or Zydeco flavor. It’s an easy way to promote the C&Z music to more people. (And drag them in). That is why I fell in love with this great album from Zydecosis. It will be hard work for the competition if you want to knock this album from my personal favorites #1 spot! – Henk Mutsaers

CD Downtown Cajun Band Boots Two Step

CD: Boots Two Step ~ Downtown Cajun Band

You must be a Cajun lover to listen to this album, but if you are, you have something. Authentic Cajun music as it was made between the 20’s and 50’s of the twentieth century come over. All well chosen songs that were played by the great Cajun heroes off those days. It is difficult to create this authentic atmosphere, but these wonderful talented musicians did it on a very proffesional way. I really get the cold shivers of the vocals, but also the coorporation between the accordion and the fiddle is amazing. Put at last the guitar and the triangel for the rhythm and it’s complete. Cajun as Cajun must be. The cream on the top is the last number “medley Will and Mitchel”. A jamming between Will Pieters and Mitchel Reed earlyer recorded in Louisiana. But I must say again, you must be a Cajun lover and luckely, I am one of them, I really mean it. – ZYDECOPIET

CD Bal de maison


Another project from Alain Galay, and also this time again music with a very high level authentic cajun. Fans from Canray Fontenot, Nathan Abshire, Balfa’s etc. can enjoy when they listen to this album. The songs are played in a refined manner and yet recognizable presence. That’s the straight from this album. It strikes me that the numbers are slightly different than other albums of cajun bands, but more famous songs such as Reel a Mitch, Valse de l’Heritage, Ti monde and Jolie Basette are also found here, and all the well-known French style of play. A wonderful album to listen and to your own Cajun horizon an thereby enrich. – ZYDECOPIET

Bal de Maison

CD Live & Wired ~ Joe Le Taxi

CD: Live & wired ~ Joe Le Taxi

Recorded in 2007 at the Gloucester Cajun & Zydecofestival, Joe Le Taxi proves again that they are a perfect live band. Rees Wesson plays with different accordeons, on his own English way, great traditionals but also covers of the greatest hero’s from this moment in America (Frank, Delafose, Prudhomme). The line up is well chosen so bored no time to continue listening. What I really like on this album is the guitar play of Kevin Thorne, straight on rhythm and beautiful solo’s. But also the rest of the band are straight followers. It’s unfortunate that there are not more own numbers of Rees Wesson on this album for he is certainly capable to write good zydeco numbers, that proves Red light and Scorpio woman. But this is maybe something for the future. Till now enjoy this live cd. What’s coming up next? a live dvd ?, I hope so – ZYDECOPIET.

Joe Le Taxi MySpace

CD thank you ~ Zydecane

CD: Thank You ~ Zydecane

I first met Zydecane at the Zydecofestival in Raamsdonksveer in 2008. We didn’t knew who they were and what they played. But when they started playing on the stage, I was hooked instantly. After the festival, we stayed in contact and I was again suprised when they sended me their first album. A lot of musicians are playing on this album and you can hear it. The first song is a beautiful cover of the late 50’s song of Melvina Reynolds “Little boxes”. After this song you find a lot of very good zydeco numbers (most written by Ivy Dugas) with a groove of rock and a little sniff of Tex Mex, that proves the number: “Ïs it really over”. But my most favorite song is “Main nonc Gardon”, zydeco as zydeco must be. With the last number “Slow song” makes this album complete. Zydecane proves that you don’t have to be black to play the real American zydeco. – ZYDECOPIET

Zydecane MySpace

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