Amazing how music can travel the world

Cajun & Zydeco: Amazing how music can travel the world and unite.

The cajun music has find it’s roots extended from the French settlers to Quebec and Louisiana. Through all the influences in the South it has its stamp on the zydeco music. Musicians from the US, playing the — can’t stand still cajun and zydeco happy music — on tour in Europe have made it an export product. With Clifton Chenier on the forefront when he almost scored a hit in the Dutch Top 40 way back in 1976, four weeks in the National Tip Parade with; “Keep-A-Knockin’ But You Can’t Come In”, and the French version on the other site; “Tu Peux Cogner Mais Tu Peux Pas Rentrer”.

Slowly but gradual a niche market developed beginning in the UK, in France of course, the Netherlands and Germany. In all of these countries they have many bands playing the cajun, the zydeco or both. In other countries in Europe they have one or two bands and many artists have pushed a cajun or zydeco song in their repertoire.

Saulieu France Cajun and Zydeco festivalThe local radio in Raamsdonksveer SLOG has its own weekly Cajun and Zydeco program on Sunday ZydecoZityRadio (24/7 replay on the website) running 15 years now and recently a weekly program has started in the UK at Hermitage fm Cajun Fais DodoNow, fast forward in time, the Cajun and Zydeco festivals in Saulieu, France and Zydeco Zity (Raamsdonksveer) the Netherlands are going toward their 25th anniversary in 2018 (Saulieu) and 2017 (Raamsdonksveer).

And if you are in our town Raamsdonksveer, called Zydeco Zity during the festival on the last weekend of May, don’t be surprised to hear cajun and zydeco songs in the 24 hour programming, … all year round.

heerenplein Raamsdonksveer cajun and zydeco festivalMore and more we see people from America checkin out — musically — what’s going on this site of the globe, and don’t be surprised when you’ve been asked for a dance.

On the other site, I’ve heard from musicians traveling the EU, coming back to Louisiana were they meet familiar faces on the dance floor to have a taste at the roots. Meeting old friends, … and making new ones.

Amazing how music can travel the world and unite.

The coming months we make sure lots of European cajun and zydeco music is being played at zydecozityradio. To give you the opportunity te hear what its like and because music is the universal language. [we play six songs each hour from European origin or a cover from the their US hero’s)

— Henk Mutsaers

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