Zydeco Music is spreading from Louisiana to Europe, it’s called Zydecosis!

Zydeco Music is possible best defined as party music. You can’t stand still hearing the beats of the Zydeco music. In the mid seventies the first hit in the Dutch Top 40 was made by Clifton Chenier with Keep on knocking but you can’t come in. (Tu Peux Cogner Mais Tu Peux Pas Rentrer) It took some time for bands starting to play the Zydeco music in Europe but after the early nineties more and more bands fell in love with the zydeco music and so did the audience.  Soon after the musicians chosen this new direction we saw the start of numerous small festivals. Zydeco music in Europe was a fact.

Great Britain developed a large circuit of mainly Cajun festivals were the Zydeco music would find it’s way over the years. Saulieu in France has a history of 25 years and Raamsdonksveer (Zydeco Zity) already 26 years. More and more festivals in Ameland (Zydeco at Sea NL), and the Cajun and Zydeco festival in Germany.

Zydeco Music is a form of American roots and folk music that evolved in the late 1800s among French-speaking Creoles of south and southwest Louisiana. Zydeco music was originally created at house dances where the blacks and free people of color of south Louisiana would gather for socializing. As a result, the music integrated with most dance music forms of the era. Today, the tradition of change and evolution in the music continues always keeping relevant while integrating even more genres like reggae, urban hip-hop, R&B, soul, brass band, ska, rock, Afro-Caribbean and other styles in addition to the traditional forms.

In Europe we’ve got / had a lot of bands like Doc Zydeco, Pain d’Maïs, Blue Bayou, Grand Prairie Special, 4 Jeuns and the Zarico Playboys, all from France.

K-Zee Zydeco Band, Wiskey River, Joe Le Taxi & the Zydeco Band, Elvis Fontenot and the Sugarbees, Z-Funk, Zigazag and Cajun Denbo from the U.K.

Cajun Company, Downtown Cajun Band, Bearcats Trio, Catfish, Zydeco Fever, Allez Mama, Zydeco Beach Party, River Zydeco Band, Des Fais Do Do, Swamp, Red Kidney Beans, Louisiana Men, and Aedon to name a few from Holland.

Big Bayou Bandits and Little Cailloux from Belgium.

Cajun Roosters, Swamptones, Zydeco Playboys, Alligator Express. Ludwig Seuss Band, Zydeco Annie & the Swampcats and Ma Cajun from Germany.

Cajun du Nord & Arve Håland’s Cajun Gumbo’s from the Northern Countries.

Lots of opportunities to get to know the European bands, the Cajun and Zydeco music on this side of the globe and to check the events and festivals. Listen every week to Zydeco Zity Radio, live at 5 PM local time (see timetable at the website) or just listen to the replay. And don’t forget to say hello! – Henk Mutsaers

Not many people will be standing around once their feet get a dose of infectious Cajun / Zydeco music — or to Dr. Haley (Lisa), “zydecosis.” The only cure is dancing.

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